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Faculty list

Core faculty

Michael Berry  neural coding and computation in the retina

William Bialek optimality; the interface between physics and biology 

Matt Botvinick neural foundations of human behavior

Carlos Brody  short-term memory, decision-making, time perception

Jonathan Cohen cognitive neuroscience

Jonathan Pillow neural Coding and Computation

Philip Holmes  nonlinear dynamics and differential equations, developing qualitative and analytical methods for studying mathematical models of biomechanical and neural systems

John Hopfield computational algorithms in neurobiology

Yael Niv  human and animal reinforcement learning and decision making

Kenneth Norman neural network models; learning and memory

David Tank measurement and analysis of neural circuit dynamics

Sam Wang sensory learning and integration; optical approaches to cerebellar function;  evolution of neural circuitry

Sebastian Seung relating structure and function and neural circuits

Associated faculty

Rebecca Burdine  genetic mechanisms that govern left-right patterning in the viscera and in the brain

David Blei  statistics and machine learning for complex data 

Robert Calderbank coding theory, data communications and signal processing

Ingrid Daubechies signal processing and time-frequency analysis

Lynn Enquist neurovirology; mechanisms of herpesvirus pathogenesis.

Alan Gelperin  cellular and synaptic basis of learning and memory storage

Asif Ghazanfar sensorimotor processing of social signals in the primate brain

Elizabeth Gould effects of experience on brain structure in rodents and primates

James Gould real-time and evolutionary modifications of brain circuitry

Michael Graziano direct neuronal recordings and neuronal stimulation in awake, behaving primates to address the question of how the brain controls movement

Charles Gross  visual neurophysiology and neuropsychology; history of neuroscience

Uri Hasson   fMRI imaging and the neural basis of social communication

Sabine Kastner  neural mechanisms underlying visual perception and their modulation by top-down processes such as selective attention; functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI); behavioral and electrophysiological studies in humans with single-cell physiology; lesions and fMRI in non-human primates 

Simon Levin empirical studies, mathematical modeling, macroscopic patterns and processes

Sharad Malik automated reasoning;  design of complex electronic systems

Peter J. Ramadge fMRI imaging, video and image processing, hybrid dynamic systems, and computer based control

Daniel Rubenstein adaptive value of animal behavior, especially decision-making by individuals in different ecological settings

Robert Schapire theoretical and applied aspects of machine learning; modeling of plant and animal distributions; analysis of fMRI brain images; extensions of semantic networks for natural languages

Anne Treisman visual attention, object perception and memory