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The Program in Quantitative and Computational Neuroscience (QCN) is a special track within the Certificate in Neuroscience. It is designed for undergraduates who wish to pursue a quantitative approach to the study of brain function.

As is the case with the Program in Neuroscience certificate, graduates of the QCN track will be prepared to meet the entry requirements of graduate schools in neuroscience, as well as molecular biology or psychology; in addition, QCN students will have acquired quantitative data analysis, modeling, and programming skills.

Requirements for Admission

Please see the Requirements for Admission to the Certificate in Neuroscience.

Program of Study

QCN students are expected to complete all the Program of Study requirements for a Certificate in Neuroscience.

In addition, QCN students must complete the following Laboratory course:

  • NEU 501B or NEU 502B -- Laboratory in Neuroscience

As well as one of the two following computational courses:

  • NEU/MOL 437/537 -- Computational Neurobiology and Computing Networks.
  • NEU/PSY 330 -- Introduction to Connectionist Models: Bridging Between Brain and Mind

Finally, QCN students must conduct thesis research in quantitative and/or computational neuroscience  with one of the QCN core faculty as either a thesis advisor or co-advisor.