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GC number
Adler, Elmer GC060
Aeronautical Illustrations (includes Gift of Harold McCormick) GC014
American Prints (includes Adler Collection of American Printmaking formerly a separate collection) GC024
American Cartoons and Caricatures (see also 1940s list) GC037
American Drawings and Paintings GC059
American Popular Prints GC085
Anderson, Alexander, Prints GC033
Angling (Gift of Otto von Kienbusch) GC164
Authors' Portraits [code obsolete, items merged with appropriate other collections] GC068
Australian and New Zealand Prints GC087
Austrian Prints GC121
Audubon, John James, Drawings, Paintings, and Prints. See Audubon issue of Library Chronicle. GC154
Bartlett, W. H., Drawings of the Middle East GC027
Bachardy, Don, Portrait Drawings GC161
Bendiner, Alfred, Drawings GC034
Berman, Eugene, Theater and Stage Design GC071
Blake, William, Drawings and Prints GC115
Bookplates GC054
Book Leaves GC110
Bookbinding GC111
Bookplates (Troxell) GC147
Bradley, Will, Prints GC006
British Prints (1628-1998) GC106
Broadsides (Sinclair Hamilton) GC053
Broadsides, Typographical and Poetry GC073
Broadsides, American GC179
Cartoons and Caricatures (includes Bunbury, Dighton, Heath, and Woodward, formerly separate collections) [ List 1 ] GC021
Calligraphy and Alphabets GC084
Cham, Lithographs from Charivari GC004
Champney, Benjamin, Watercolors GC031
Chateaubriand's Atala, Scenes from GC100
Chinese Prints GC109
Chamberlain, Samuel, Photographs of Princeton GC124
Civil War Photographs GC126
Cleland, T.M., Designs, Drawings, and Prints GC032
Cole, Timothy, Prints GC030
Colophon, The, Designs and Drawings and Princeton University Student Work GC051
Contemporary Graphic Design (Gift of William Drentell) GC146
Cowles, George, Drawings for Scribner's GC158
Cruikshank, George, Drawings and Prints GC022
Currier and Ives, Lithographs GC019
Daumier, Honoré, Lithographs from Charivari GC003
Darley, F. O. C., Drawings and Prints GC007
Darrow, Whitney, Caricatures GC008
Denby, E.H., Drawings GC010
DePol, John, Drawings, Ephemera, and Prints GC012
Direct Positive Photographs GC140
Dutch Prints GC070
Dwiggins, W.A., Designs, Drawings, Ephemera, and Prints GC035
Eichenberg, Fritz, Prints GC028
Ellender, Raphael; Drawings and Photos of Actors and Movie Posters GC170
English Drawings (includes Christophe) GC168
Ephemera, Miscellaneous. See also Menus, Trade Cards, etc. GC149
European Prints GC079
European Popular Prints [code obsolete, items merged with appropriate other collections] GC081
European Children's Items [code obsolete, items merged with appropriate other collections] GC082
European Portraits [code obsolete, items merged with appropriate other collections] GC083
European Drawings GC169
Fine Printing, Ephemera GC039
Flemish Prints GC090
Forain, Jean Louis GC005
Frost, Arthur Burdett, Drawings GC036
Fry, Charles Rahn, Documentation re Pochoir GC038
Fraser, Claude Lovat, Poetry Bookshop GC064
French Prints (includes Callot and Delacroix, formerly separate collections) GC077
Franz, Alison, Photographs GC129
German Prints GC018
Godine, David - 19th cent English prints GC114
Gillray, James  [digital images] GC108
Graphic Arts Exhibition Materials GC020
Greek Drawings, Posters, and Prints (includes Charos) GC096
Griffin, Gillett GC001
Hamilton, Sinclair, Non-Book Collection GC181
Harper's Weekly Illustrations GC057
Henderson, David, Drawings GC041
Heyden, Jan van der, Engravings GC182
Homer, Winslow, Prints GC040
Hogarth, William GC113
Homar, Lorenzo GC151
Hungarian Prints GC097
Hunt Corporation Collection GC101
Iconographic Library (Gift of Gerald and Anne Levy) GC062
Ingersoll, Ephemera GC143
Indic Prints GC180
Italian Prints GC094
Italian Drawings GC173
Jardine, Sir William, Illustrations GC025
Japanese Prints GC063
Jackson, William Henry, Photographs GC127
Jackson, Chiaroscuro Prints GC171
Jonathan Bumas (Dust Jackets) GC056
Kahler Decorative Ribbons GC065
Kent, Rockwell, Bookplates, Drawings, Ephemera, and Prints GC042
Kennedy, T.W., Photographs GC128
Latin American Prints   see also   [digital images, Taller de Gráfica Popular] GC061
Lantern Slides GC136
Longstreet, Stephen GC088
Martin, Henry, Cartoons and Drawings GC029
Magazine Illustrations (Wood Engravings) GC058
Menus (Gift of William Drentell) GC013
Merker, Kim (Gift of Mary Jane and Daniel Woodward) GC174
Milberg, Leonard, Class of 1953 GC023
Middle Eastern Prints (Harold Rubin) GC086
Nast, Thomas GC002
Nanteuil, Robert, Portrait Engravings (includes some of the John Douglas Gordon gift) [digital images] GC016
Nash, John Henry, Ephemera GC052
Noell, Carl, Drawings GC043
Optical Devices and Views [selected objects] GC138
Paper and Papermaking (Dard Hunter) GC069
Paton, William Agnew, Drawings GC093
Parsons, Herbert, Drawings (Gift of Allen Scheuch) GC176
Philippine Costume, Watercolors Costumes GC120
Photographic Techniques, Early GC137
Photographs (includes Bonfils, Briquet, Cameron, Dorfman, Matthews, et al.) GC131
Photographs of Authors GC132
Piranesi, G. B., Prints GC092
Podwal, Mark, Designs, Drawings, and Prints GC044
Postcards GC141
Posters, Miscellaneous GC178
Princetoniana GC047
Princeton University Library Exhibition Posters GC050
Printing, Iconography GC074
Printing Techniques, Color GC080
Princeton Bicentennial GC104
Princeton University Student Photography GC133
Process Printing GC134
Printing Blocks and Plates GC148
Prints, Miscellaneous [code obsolete, items merged with appropriate other collections] GC152
Princeton University Graphic Arts GC162
Pynson Printers GC049
Rodin, Auguste, Collection GC102
Rowlandson, Thomas (Drawings and Prints [selected bound] ) GC112
Robbiati, Silvio, Drawings GC118
Roubille Collection GC103
Royal Ladies Cabinet Photographs GC130
Russian Prints and Posters GC091
Sayer, James, Cartoons and Caricatures GC076
Schmidt, Harold von, American Graphic Design GC119
Sheet Music GC048
Shenton, Edward, Drawings GC066
Sino-Japanese War, Woodblock Prints GC153
Spanish Prints GC098
Spirin, Gennadii, Collection GC172
Steltzer, Ulli, Photographs of African Americans GC116
Steiner-Prag, Ephemera and Prints GC117
Steichen, Edward, Navy Photographs GC125
Stereographs, Stereo Cards, and Stereopticon Viewers GC135
Swiss Prints GC095
Teague, W. D. (Adler-Rochester), Drawings GC067
Textiles GC072
Tea Ephemera (Gift of Edward Naumburg) GC144
Thomas, George, Drawings GC011
Trade Cards (Gift of W. Allen Scheuch) GC145
Trumbull, John, Battle of Princeton Prints GC155
Trouvelot Astronomical Prints GC167
Type Specimens GC107
Vechten, Carl Van, Photographs GC123
Washington, George, Portraits of GC046
Whistler, James A. McNeill, Prints GC045
Williams, Charles, Cartoons and Caricatures GC075
Wine Labels (Gift of J. M. Thorington) GC142
World War I Posters and Prints GC156

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