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WC001    [Collection], Philip Ashton Rollins Collection
WC002    [Collection], General Western Americana Manuscripts [Misc.]
WC003    [Collection], General Western Americana Manuscripts [Bound]
WC004    [Collection], Brigham Young Collection
WC005    [Collection], J. Monroe Thorington Collection
WC006    [Drawings], Central and South American Drawings of E. G. Squier
WC007    [Papers], Isabel Magee Sherman Papers
WC008    [Collection], Alexander Scotland Collection
WC009    [Letters], Taos (N.M.) Letters of Bonnie Scotland
WC010    [Records], San Juan Pueblo Records
WC011    [Journal], John G. Reynolds Journal
WC012    [Papers], Dennis E. Puleston Papers
WC013    [Correspondence], Gipson Family Correspondence
WC014    [Manuscripts], Leon T. Loofbourow Collection of Mormon and Utah Poetry
WC015    [Records], Association on American Indian Affairs (AAIA) Archive
WC016    [Collection], Nelson A. Miles Memorabilia
WC017    [Phonotapes], Alfonso Ortiz Collection of Native American Oral Literature
WC018    [Watercolors], Mary Lind White Watercolors
WC019    [Collection], Mormons and Mormonism Collection
WC020    [Papers], AAIA Papers of Henry S. Forbes
WC021    [Papers], AAIA Papers of Hildegarde B. Forbes
WC022    [Papers], AAIA Papers of Oliver La Farge
WC023    [Papers], AAIA Papers of Alden Stevens
WC024    [Collection], 19th-century New Mexico Military Collection
WC025    [Collection], Barbara Greene Kilberg Collection on the Blue Lake (N.M.) Restoration Case
WC026    [Collection], Corinne Locker Collection on the Blue Lake (N.M.) Restoration Case
WC027    [Papers], Blue Lake (N.M.) Restoration Case Papers of Rufus G. Poole
WC028    [Papers], Blue Lake (N.M.) Restoration Case Papers of William C. Schaab
WC029    [Collection], Cattle and Horse Brands Collection
WC030    [Records], McCarter and English Records
WC031    [Papers], Hank Adams Papers
WC032    [Cassettes], "Talking to Women," Thomas Baird's Interviews About Mayan Women
WC033    [Papers], Virginia Card Papers
WC034    [Papers], Selected Papers of J. Paul Baldeagle
WC035    [Paintings], Marion Leon Collection of Pueblo Indian Paintings
WC036    [Code number unassigned]
WC037    [Collection], Levering Cartwright Collection on "Death Valley Scotty"
WC038    [Journals], George C. Fraser Journals
WC039    [Photographs], Gertrude Duby Blom Photographs of Mayas of Chiapas
WC040    [Diaries], Diaries of Frans and Gertrude Blom
WC041    [Collection], Herbert S. Auerbach Collection of Mormons and Indians
WC042    [Collection], Ernest Moore Foster Collection
WC043    [Photographs], Gladys Gilmour Collection of New Mexico Photographs
WC044    [Photographs], Laguna Ha' Ma Ha' Tribal Portraits, Photographs by Lee Marmon
WC045    [Photographs], Pueblo Indians of New Mexico, Photographs by David Hare
WC046    [Stereographs], Mexico Stereographs Collection
WC047    [Photographs], New Mexico Family Photographs Album
WC048    [Photographs], George W. Perkins Photographs of Alaska
WC049    [Photographs], Hamilton Cottier Collection of California Photographs
WC050    [Postcards], Frank R. Mosher Collection of American Indian Postcards
WC051    [Photographs], Photographs of the Princeton Scientific Expedition of 1877
WC052    [Papers], Norman C. Pierce Papers
WC053    [Photographs], Ben Wittick Photographs of Hopi Villages
WC054    [Photographs], Hampton Institute Photographs of Native Americans
WC055    [Photographs], Sheldon Jackson Collection of Indian Photographs
WC056    [Photographs], Photographs of an Expedition to Mexico and Arizona
WC057    [Photographs], Katharine Kilbourne Photographs of the Jicarilla Apache Reservation
WC058    [Photographs], Ulli Steltzer Photographs of Southwestern Indians
WC059    [Photographs], Ulli Steltzer Photographs of Eskimos
WC060    [Diaries], Trapping Diaries of Donald Phillips
WC061    [Papers], Daniel Moreau Barringer Papers
WC062    [Papers], William W. Belknap Papers
WC063    [Account Books], Cattle Ranch Account Books
WC064    [Photographs], Photographs of American Indians
WC065    [Photographs], Photographs of Utah and Mormons
WC066    [Photographs], Photographs of Hispanic Westerners
WC067    [Photographs], Photographs of Western City Views
WC068    [Photographs], Photographs of Western Landscapes
WC069    [Photographs], Photographs of American Indian Architecture and Artifacts
WC070    [Photographs], Photographs of Colorado
WC071    [Photographs], Photographs of New Mexico
WC072    [Photographs], Photographs of Arizona
WC073    [Photographs], Photographs of Maya
WC074    [Photographs], Photographs of Indians of Mexico
WC075    [Prints], Prints of American Indians
WC076    [Prints], Prints of Popular Images of the American Indian
WC077    [Prints], Prints of Western City Views
WC078    [Prints], Prints of Western Landscapes
WC079    [Prints], Prints of Utah and Mormons
WC080    [Paintings], Western Americana Paintings
WC081    [Paintings], Paintings of American Indians
WC082    [Photographs], Photographs of the Cattle Trade
WC083    [Prints], Prints of Popular Images of the West
WC084    [Prints], Prints of Popular Images of the Southwest
WC085    [Prints], Prints of New Mexico
WC086    [Objects], Objects of Indians
WC087    [Objects], Western Americana Objects
WC088    [Photographs], Photographs of California
WC089    [Photographs], Photographs of Mexico
WC090    [Photographs], Photographs of Wyoming
WC091    [Photograph album], Photograph Album of a Journey to New Orleans and Central America
WC092    [Scrapbook], Haskell Institute Scrapbook
WC093    [Photographs], Photographs of Montana
WC094    [Photograph album], Fort Custer Snapshot Album
WC095    [Photographs], Photographs of Guatemala
WC096    [Photograph album], Photograph Album of Huntington Beach, California
WC097    [Photograph album], Charles D. Hollinger Photograph Album
WC098    [Photographs], Photographs of Washington State
WC099    [Photographs], Giles G. Healey Lacandon Maya Photographs
WC100    [Photographs], Photographs of the Shelton Lumbering Camp
WC101    [Slides], American Indian Hunting and Warfare Slides
WC102    [Photographs], Photographs of Idaho
WC103    [Photographs], Photographs of Oregon
WC104    [Photographs], Photographs of Western Chinese Americans
WC105    [Photographs], Photographs of South Dakota
WC106    [Photographs], Photographs of Indians of South America
WC107    [Photographs], Photographs of Native Hawaiians
WC108    [Photographs], Photographs of Hawaii
WC109    [Photographs], Photographs of Canada
WC110    [Photographs], Photographs of Inuits
WC111    [Photographs], Photographs of Sami
WC112    [Photographs], Photographs of Texas
WC113    [Photographs], Photographs of Alaska
WC114    [Photograph album], Venezualan Railroad Album
WC115    [Photographs], Photographs of Scenes at an Indian School
WC116    [Photographs], Navajo Mission Photographs
WC117    [Photographs], Photographs of Kansas
WC118    [Photographs], Photographs of Nebraska
WC119    [Paintings], Paintings by American Indians
WC120    [Postcards], Harvey Pueblo Views at California Expositions
WC121    [Stereographs], Stereographs of Grand Canyon, Arizona
WC122    [Photographs], Stager Family Album of Portrait Photographs
WC123    [Photograph album], Family Travel Album of Photographs
WC124    [Collection], Merriam C. Hart Collection

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