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Visiting Fellowships
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· 2004-2005


· Chia, Lucille (University of California): "The Maturation of the Commercial Woodblock Printing Industry in Late Ming China"

· Clarkin, Thomas (University of Texas): " "The New Trail and the Great Society: Federal Indian Policy, 1961-1969"

· Millender, Michael (University of Florida): " "Edward Livingston and the Transformation of the American Criminal Trial"

· Sjovold, Carl-Peter (University of California): "Angling and Conservation in America, 1830-1900 "

· Wertheimer, John (Davidson College): " "The Emergence of Free Speech:Free-Expression Litigation in the United States from 1870 to 1941 "

· Zatlin, Linda (Morehouse College): "Aubrey Beardsley: A Catalogue Raisonne"


· Alexander, Christine (University of New South Wales,Australia): "Ornamental and Redundant Composition: Charlotte Brontë, Gender, and the Art of Accomplishment"

· Ehrhardt, Julia (Yale University): "Women, Regionalism, and the Profession of Authorship in America, 1890-1950"

· Liu, Xiaoyuan (State University of New York):"Reins of Liberation: The Cold War, the Chinese Civil War, and the Ethnopolitical Struggle in China's Borderlands, 1945-1950"

· Travis, Patricia (Yale University): "Reading Matters: The 'Serious Reader' and the Rise of Mass Culture, 1940-1970"

· Wakeling, Edward (Bedfordshire County Council , England): research on Charles Lutwidge Dodson (Lewis Carroll) diaries

· Woeste, Victoria (American Bar Foundation): "Law, Regulation, and the State in Twentieth-Century America: Outsider Lawyers and Agricultural Policy, 1918-1945"


· Brush, Kathryn (University of Western Ontario , Canada): "Bridging old and New World Art History: American Scholarship on Medieval Art and Its International Reception, 1918-1933"

· Ellermeier, T. J. (Harvard University): "Responses to Epidemics in Song China (960-1279 A.D.)"

· Pitcher, John (Oxford University , England): research for an edition of Samuel Daniel's works for Oxford University Press


· Gasparov, Mikhail L. (Moscow State University , Russia): research for an edition of Osip Mandelshtam's verse

· Mathisen, Ralph W. (University of South Carolina): research for the Atlas of the Greek and Roman World

· Sivan, Hagith S. (University of Kansas): research for the Atlas of the Greek and Roman World

· Sweeney, Douglas A. (Vanderbilt University): "Nathaniel William Taylor and the Edwardsian Tradition: Structural Change and Discursive


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