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· Balogh, Brian (University of Virginia) "Selling Big Government: The Political Culture of State Building in Twentieth-century America"

· Cormier, Raymond (Longwood College) "The French Virgil, 12th-19th Centuries"

· Earle, Jonathan H. (University of Kansas) "Jacksonian Antislavery and Free Soil, 1828-1854"

· Elfenbein, Anna Shannon (West Virginia University) "Gender Politics and the Production of American Literature: The Editing Practice of Maxwell Perkins"

· Hessinger, Rodney (University of Pennsylvania) "Stemming the Progress of Vice and Irreligion: Student Revolt and Religious Revival at Princeton 1800-1820"

· Ives, Maura (Texas A and M University) "Christina Rossetti: A Descriptive Bibliography"

· Kushner, Eva (University of Toronto) "Pontus de Tyard: Poet, Philosopher, Theologian: Revisions and Ficino and Comenius"

· Olivares, Jorge (Colby College) "Nation, Exile, and Sexuality: Reinaldo Arenas and the Anatomy of Desire"

· Perez Ibaceta, Eduardo Cristian (Universidad de Santiago de Chile) "Utopia Armed: Guerrilla Movements in the Latin American Southern Cone"

· Rosier, Paul (University of Rochester) "The Association on American Indian Affairs and the Defense of Blackfeet Nation Sovereignty"

· Saborit, Antonio (Instituto Nacional de Antropologia e Historia) "The Viceroy and the Chaplain: A Polemic in the Mexican Literary Universe of the 18th-century"

· Shiffman, Dan (Idaho State University) "Louis Adamic and Multiethnicity in 1930's America"

· Suri, Jeremi (Yale University) "The Generation of Dissent and Detente, 1958-1972, An International History"

· Waggoner, Diane (Yale University) "Picturing the Child: Desire, Nostalgia, and National Identity in Victorian Visual Culture"

· Ward, Stephen (The American University) "The Promise of a New Democrat"


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