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1999-2000 Visiting Fellows

Philip Freeman

Assistant Professor
Department of Classics
Washington University in St. Louis

I wanted to express my gratitude to you all for selecting me as one of the visiting fellows for this past year. The support I received from the Friends Fellowship Committee to work at Firestone Library was invaluable in allowing me to conduct my research on early Latin poetry.

I am in the same position as many scholars who enjoy teaching at their various colleges and universities but lack the facilities of a first-class research library. Inter-library loan is an excellent resource, but it can only take you so far, especially when the works you need are rare or unavailable through this service. There are times when there is simply no substitute for being able to spend several weeks working in the stacks of a great library.

During the time I spent at Princeton, I was able to track down sources for which I had been searching for over two years without success. One example is an article on an early inscription published in an obscure European periodical of the late 1800's. I had tried interlibrary loan, day trips to regional universities, e-mailed colleagues in Europe, and had wandered the stacks of Harvard's Widener Library during a vacation with my family in New England without success. No one had this crucial periodical. But during my second day at Firestone Library I was able to locate and copy the article from microfilm.

That is just one successful example of many from my time at Princeton. The financial support of the Friends allowed me to conduct research which could not have been done anywhere else. The fellowships of the Friends are a tremendous opportunity for scholars.


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