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1999-2000 Visiting Fellows

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Follow the highlighted links to read reports on the Princeton research provided by the fellows.

· Aron, Stephen (University of California, Los Angeles): "From Borderlands to Border State: A History of the Missouri Frontier"

· Axtell, James (College of William and Mary): "Dr. Wilson's Dream: The Realization of Princeton University, 1896-1996"

· Brown, Clifford (Carleton University): "'Our Insatiable desire for all things antique': The Art and Antiquities Collections of Isabella d'Este Gonzaga (1474-1539)"

· Charles, Douglas (University of Edinburgh): "Personal and Confidential: The FBI, Franklin Roosevelt, and the Anti-Interventionist Movement, 1939-1945"

· Cline, Sally (Cambridge University): "Zelda Fitzgerald: A Literary and Biographical Exploration into Competitive Creativity and Artistic Achievement"

· Etheridge, Brian (Ohio State University): "Getting Real: Edward Mead Earle and the Rise of Political Realism in America"

· Freeman, Philip (Washington University): "Saturnian Verse: The Earliest Latin Poetry"

· Knock, Thomas (Southern Methodist University): "'Come Home, America': A Political Biography of George McGovern"

· McMahon, Lucia (Rutgers University): "Beings Endowed with Reason: Gender, Individualism, and Education in the Early Republic"

· McNamara, Donald (Catholic University of America ): "Flann O'Brien and Liam O'Flaherty: Refashioning Myth and Nationhood in Ireland"

· Mizuno, Takeya (University of Missouri): "The American Civil Liberties Union, Liberals and Civil Libertarians, and the Japanese American Mass Evacuation During World War II"

· Panaite, Viorel (Bucharest University): "Relationship Between Ottomans and Christian States According to the Islamic Law of Nations"

· Parmar, Inderjeet (University of Manchester): "Foreign Policy Elites and the State: Comparing the (American) Council on Foreign Relations and the (British) Royal Institute of International Affairs, 1939-1945"

· Shefrin, Jill: "A Bibliography and Historical Analysis of Juvenile Table Games Published in England Between 1750 and the Late 19th-century"

· Sitzler, Kim (École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales): "Ahmad al-Manini and His Circle: Elements for an Intellectual History of Eighteenth-century Damascus"

· Tonks, Paul (Johns Hopkins University): "The Evangelical Presbyterian Vision and the Evolution of Scottish Radicalism in the Eighteenth-Century British Atlantic World"

· Waterman, Bryan (Boston University): "Industries of Knowledge: The Friendly Club and the Making of Early American Intellectual Culture"
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