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2002-2003 Visiting Fellows

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If present, follow the highlighted links to read reports on the Princeton research provided by the fellows.

Unless otherwise noted, these fellowships have been funded by the Friends of the Princeton University Library.

·María Albin (Columbia University): "Allegories of Transgression: The Politics of Rewriting and Editing the Prose Fiction of Reinaldo Arenas"  

· Rafe Blaufarb (Auburn University): "Absolutism and Revolution: The Proces des Tailles in Provence, 1547-1789"  

· Su Chen (University of Minnesota): "The Gest Chinese Research Library at McGill, 1926-1936"

· William Drumright (University of Tennessee): "A River for War, a Watershed to Change: The Tennessee Valley Authority During World War II"  

·Brett Gary (Drew University): "Morris L. Ernst and Cultural Libertarianism in the ACLU"

·Carol Harrison (Kent State University): "Restoring Catholicism in Postrevolutionary France: Gender, Belief, and Secularization, 1801-1870"-funded by the Cotsen Children's Library.

· Anthony Hirst (Queen's University, Belfast): "A Critical Edition of Cavafy's 'Acknowledged' Poems"  

·Yonglin Jiang (Grand Valley State University): "Law Enforcement and Social Change in Late Ming Rural Communities"    

· Christine Jones (University of Utah): "The 'Diverting Works' of Madame d'Aulnoy Charm the British"-funded by the Cotsen Children's Library    

· Nina Kassianou (Panteion University, Athens): "Photographic Depiction as Testimony of the Historical Period 1940-1950 in Greece"-funded by the Program in Hellenic Studies.

· Victoria Khiterer (Stanford University): "History of Hassidism in Ukraine in the Second Part of the 19th to Early 20th Century"  

·Susie Lee (Cornell University): "Mapping Associations: U.S. Diplomatic Policy on East Asia and Domestic Race Relations, 1899-1937" -funded by Mudd Library.  

· Kathryn Lowry (University of California, Santa Barbara): "The Editing and Publishing of Letters in Early Modern China: Fictions of the Self"  

· Ryan MacPherson (University of Notre Dame): "America's Vestiges of Creation: Nature's Development and Divine Presence amid Pre-Darwinian Struggles for Civilization"    

· Gregory Nobles (Georgia Institute of Technology): "Audubon's America: Art, Science, and Nature in the New Nation"         

· Anastasia Stefanidou (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece): "Poetry by Early Ethnic and Diaspora Writers of Greek America"-funded by the Program in Hellenic Studies    

· David Wright (College of Michoacán, Mexico): "Description of Otomi Manuscripts for the Handbook of Middle American Indians"       

· David Wrisley (American University of Beirut): "The French Translations of the Thousand and One Nights"     


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