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2002-2003 Visiting Fellows

Victoria Khiterer
Stanford University

Final Report of my research during The Friends of the Princeton University Library Fellowship on the topic: "The History of Hassidism in Ukraine in the second part of the 19th to early 20th century."

During my fellowship (June 2002) I worked one month in the Princeton Universities libraries. It was very successful and productive experience for me.

The Princeton University Libraries contain one of the largest and most important collections in the US in the history and philosophy of the Jewish religious movement Hassidism. This collection has 1789 entries in the history and philosophy of Hassidism and many dozens of this books devoted the history Hassidism in Ukraine. Almost all these monographs are located in the Firestone library (Near East and other collections) and in the Forrestal Annex Library. I used many dozens of books in the History of Hasidism in Ukraine in four languages: English, Hebrew, Yiddish and Russian. However the Princeton Rare Books and Manuscripts collections do not contain manuscripts or rare books about the history Hassidism in Ukraine. All books on this topic, even of the beginning of the 19th century are located in the other Princeton libraries. Thus the book "Sefer Keter Shem Tov Ba'al Shem Tov", that was published in 1800, is located in the Forrestal Annex Library. The Forrestal Annex Library has many other books in the history of Hassidism from the 19th to the beginning of the 20th centuries, which I used in my work.

All of the staff of the Princeton University Libraries to whom I referred regarding my project were very attentive and provided me their help. I'd like to give my special gratitude to the former Chair of the Friends of the Princeton University Library Fellowship, John Delaney, who to acquainted me with the Princeton University libraries, and to the Hebrew Language Bibliographer Nancy Pressman Levy, who acquainted me with the Near East Collection of the Firestone library.

During my Fellowship I also had a scholarly contacts with my colleagues in different Departments of Princeton. I talked about my project with the Chair of the Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures Professor Carol Emerson, Professor Antony Grafton, Professor Stefan Kotkin, Director of the Program in Jewish Studies Froma I. Zeitlin. All of them gave me the good advise regarding my work.

The result of my work during the Fellowship was the preparation of the article: "The fight of the Russian authorities against Tzaddikism in the late 18th to early 20th Centuries" that I attached to this report. I am going to publish this article in a Jewish scholarly journal and of course I will note that this article was prepared with support of the Friends of the Princeton University Library Fellowship. I am very grateful to the members of the Search Committee of the Fellowship for the opportunity for me to work at my project using the fine collections in the Princeton University libraries.


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