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2006-2007 Visiting Fellows

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If present, follow the highlighted links to read reports on the Princeton research provided by the fellows.

Unless otherwise noted, these grants have been funded by the Friends of the Princeton University Library.

2006-2007 Princeton University Library Research Grants

Winners and their topics

·Martin Blumenthal-Barby (Yale University): "Illustrated Modernist Children's Books in Early Twentieth-Century Germany" - Funded by the Cotsen Children's Library

·Yuan-ling Chao (Middle Tennessee State University): "Acupuncture and the Body: Bronze Figures in the Song Dynasty (960-1279)" - Funded by the Program in East Asian Studies

·Deirdre Clemente, (Carnegie Mellon University): "The Princeton Style: Collegiate Clothing and American Culture 1900-1960

·Kristi Eastin (graduate student, Brown University): "A Study of the Illustrated Editions of Virgil's Georgics, 1502-1899" - Funded by the Council of the Humanities

·Ahmed El Shamsy (Harvard University): "The Role of Legal Maxims in the Development of Islamic Law"

·Eric Faden (Bucknell University): "Nineteenth-century Looking and Reading: The Movable Book and Early Cinema" - Funded by the Cotsen Children's Library

·Sterling Fluharty (University of Oklahoma): "Warriors for Self-Determination: A History of the Native American Student Movement, 1954-1974"

·Mehmet K. Karabela (McGill University): "From Adab al-Jadal to Adab al-Bahth: Dialectics and Argumentation Theory in the Post-Classical Islamic Intellectual Tradition"

·Clément Levallois (Université de Lyon): "Alfred Lotka's Influence on Post-War Economics" - Funded by the Mudd Manuscript Library

·Amirouche Moktefi (Université Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg): "Lewis Carroll's Mathematical and Logical Works"

·Paul Oslington (University of New South Wales, Canberra): "International Trade: An Intellectual History"

·Lynda Pratt (University of Nottingham): "Robert Southey: Man of Libraries and Letters" - Partially Funded by the Council of the Humanities

·Amanda Rees (Columbus State University, Columbus, Ga.): "Dudes and Dudeens Go West: Tourism, Popular Culture, and the Production of Region, 1920-1950"

·Winfried Rudolf (Friedrich-Schiller-Universität, Jena): "Textual Demarcation and Intervention in Selected Homilies of Scheide M. 71, the Blickling Homilies"

·Orlin Sabev (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia): "The First Ottoman-Turkish Printed Books in the Firestone Library"

·Frauke Sachse (Universität Bonn): "Documentation of Colonial K'ichee' Dictionaries and Grammars"

·Suyoung Son (University of Chicago): "Writing for Print: A Literatus-Publisher of Seventeenth-Century China"

·David Nathan Vigil (Emory University): "The History of U.S.-Soviet Nuclear Arms Negotiations, 1975-1988"

·Jonathan W. White (University of Maryland): "To Aid their Rebel Friends: Treason, Loyalty and Nationalism in the Civil War North"


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