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2008-2009 Library Grants

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If present, follow the highlighted links to read reports on the Princeton research provided by the fellows.

Unless otherwise noted, these grants have been funded by the Friends of the Princeton University Library.

2009-2010 Princeton University Library Research Grants

Winners and their topics

·Rachel Ida Buff (University of Wisconsin, Madison):  "Reassessing Deportation During the Early Cold War" . Funded by Mudd Library

·Mark Christensen (Pennsylvania State University):  "Nahua and Maya Catholicisms: Ecclesiastical Texts and Local Religion in Colonial Mexico and Yucatan"

·Jerome de Brouwer (Universite Catholique de Louvain):  "Edward Livingston's influence on the development of criminal law reform in Europe, 1820-30"

·Nicholas Fisher (University of London ):  "A Bibliography of John Wilmot, 2nd Earl of Rochester (1647-80)"

·George Karamanolis (University of Crete):  "Editing literary papyri of the Princeton University collection" . Funded by Hellenic Studies

·Urs Leu (Central Library Zurich):  "Henricus Glareanus' Lecture on Ancient Chronology, based on Gabriel Hummelberg's copy of Livius in the Princeton University Library" . Funded by the Council of the Humanities

·Darui Long (University of the West):  "A Proposal for the Study of the Qisha Edition of the Chinese Buddhist Canon" . Funded by East Asian Studies

·Matthew Niblett (Oxford University):  "The Woman and the Great Red Dragon: The Formation of Joanna Southcott's Theology and the Old Southcottian Movement"

·Alexandra Patrikiou (Panteion University):  "Representations of the Old Continent. Projects of European Unification in the 1940's: The Case of Greece " . Funded by Hellenic Studies

·Kristen Proehl(College of William and Mary): "Battling Girlhood: Sympathy, Race and the Tomboy Narrative in American Literature, 1859-1960" . Funded by the Cotsen Children's Library

·Sarah Snyder (Yale University):  "The Rise of Human Rights in United States Foreign Relations"

·David Stoker (Aberystwyth University):  "A study and bibliography of the publisher John Marshall & Co. of Aldermary Court, Bow Lane, London " . Funded by the Cotsen Children's Library

·Anna Barbara Sum (Freie Universitat, Berlin):  "The "Visiting-Economist Syndrome:  " Albert O. Hirschman and the Culture of Experts in Development Economics"

·Arnoud Visser (University of St. Andrews):  "How Gabriel Harvey read his Livy through Augustine's Eyes" . Funded by the Council of the Humanities

·Tasha Vorderstrasse (Netherlands Institute for the Near East):  "Middle Byzantine and Crusader Coins from the Antioch Excavations" . Funded by Hellenic Studies

·Daniel Wasserman (University of Virginia):  "Translating Catholicism: Evangelization and Language Policy in the Spanish World, 1524-1834"

·Leah Weinryb Grohsgal (Emory University):  "Reinventing Civil Liberties: Religious Groups, Organized Litigation, and the Rights Revolution" . Funded by the Mudd Library

· Hugh Wilford (California State University): "American Friends of the Middle East: The CIA's Alternative Strategy for Winning Arab Hearts and Minds"

·Michael Winship (University of Texas): "Reaching the Market: Book Distribution in the United States, 1825-1950"

· Peng Xu (University of Chicago):  "Music, Literature and Print Culture: The Literati Singing of Kungu in Late Ming China"


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