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2008-2009 Library Grants

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If present, follow the highlighted links to read reports on the Princeton research provided by the fellows.

Unless otherwise noted, these grants have been funded by the Friends of the Princeton University Library.

2010-2011 Princeton University Library Research Grants

Winners and their topics

·Meredith Bak (University of California, Santa Barbara):  "Perception and Playthings: Optical Toys as Instruments of Science and Culture." Funded by the Cotsen Children's Library

·Samuel Baker (Georgia Southern University):  "Fields of Contest: Race, Region, and College Football in the U.S. South, 1945-1975." Funded by the Mudd Manuscript Library

·Lily Chang (University of Oxford):  "On the Fringes of Society: Criminality and Social Deviance in Women and Juveniles in Wartime China, 1931-1945." Funded by the Cotsen Children's Library

·Maria Rita Corticelli (Independent Researcher):  "The Intellectual Journey of Antonio Benítez Rojo."

·Jim Davis (University of Warwick):  "Charles Mathews the Elder: A Critical Biography."

·Meghan Doherty (Columbia University):  "PEN International and the Creation of a Global Literary Realm, 1920-1970."

·James Ellison (Queen Mary, University of London):  "Ending the Special Relationship? The United States and Britain's European Destiny, 1947-1970." Funded by the Mudd Manuscript Library

·Imre Galambos (British Library):  "Pre-dynastic Chinese writing: Qing dynasty albums of seal impressions." Funded by the East Asian Studies Program

·Michael Hevel (The University of Iowa):  "'Betwixt Brewings': A History of College Students' Alcohol Use." Funded by the Mudd Manuscript Library

·Elizabeth Hoiem (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign):  "Creating Humans: Autonomy and Mechanism in British Pedagogy, 1760-1860." Funded by the Cotsen Children's Library

·Ellen Huang (University of California, Berkeley):  "China's china: Jingdezhen Porcelain and the Global Production of Art in the Nineteenth Century."

·Simon Humphries (Oxford University):  "The Contemporary Critical Reception of Christina Rossetti."

·Sandro Jung (Ghent University):  "Thomas Stothard, the Engraved Illustration of English Literature and the Royal Engagement Pocket Atlas, 1780-1825." Funded by Graphic Arts

·Geneviève Lafrance (Université du Québec à Montréal):  "Writing about Fear during the French Revolution, 1789-1799."

·Sara Lampert (University of Michigan):  "Women and the Making of the Nineteenth-Century Culture Industry: Performers, Critics, and Entrepreneurs."

·Martin McHugh (Loyola University New Orleans):  "A biography of Robert H. Dicke."

·Alexandra Moschovi (University of Sunderland):  "Redefining Greekness in Photographic Representations of Greece, c. 1920s-1970s: The cases of Alison Frantz and Nancy Crawshaw." Funded by the Hellenic Studies Program

·Jeremy Munday (University of Leeds):  "Identifying translator decision-making through textual revisions."

·Amy Offner (Columbia University):  "Anti-Poverty Programs, Social Conflict, and Economic Thought in Colombia and the United States, 1948-1980." Funded by the Mudd Manuscript Library

·Thierry Rigogne (Fordham University):  "The Creation of the French Café." Funded by the Council on the Humanities

·Meghan Rosing (Lehigh University):  "A Smaller and Still Smaller Circle: The Biographical Conversations of English Children's Literature." Funded by the Cotsen Children's Library

·Aliki Tsirgialou (Benaki Museum):  "19th Century photography in Greece: The case of Dimitrios Konstantinou." Funded by the Hellenic Studies Program


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