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2008-2009 Library Grants

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If present, follow the highlighted links to read reports on the Princeton research provided by the fellows.

Unless otherwise noted, these grants have been funded by the Friends of the Princeton University Library.

2011-2012 Princeton University Library Research Grants

Winners and their topics

·Stacy Alaimo (University of Texas at Arlington): "The Sea Creatures of William Beebe: Science, Aesthetics, Ethics." Funded by the Princeton Area Alumni Association.

·Michael Allen (Northwestern University): "Bleak House: Congressional Activism and the Confidence of Crisis, 1968-1989."

·Elizabeth Andrews (University of California, Irvine):  "The Diffusion of Ideas in an Enlightenment Information Network: Letters to the Editor from the late Old Regime to the Revolution." Funded by the Council on the Humanities.

·William Barker (University of King's College/Dalhousie University): "The Reading Notes and Annotations of Gabriel Harvey." Funded by the Robert H. Taylor '30 Fund.

·Andrew Boyle (Brasenose College, Oxford):  "Samuel Daniel’s Collection of the History of England."

·Emily Bruce (University of Minnesota): "Reading Agency: The Making of Modern German Childhoods, 1770-1850." Funded by the Cotsen Children's Library.

·Carolyn Dillian (Coastal Carolina University):  "Dr. Charles Conrad Abbott’s Search for the History of Humankind in the Delaware Valley."

·Carolyn Eastman (University of Texas, Austin):  "Learning to See: Gender in the Eighteenth-Century Atlantic World of Print." Funded by the Sid Lapidus '59 Research Fund.

·Vassilios Fouskas ( Richmond University, London):  "Nancy Crawshaw on the Cyprus issue and Near Eastern contingencies: An evaluation." Funded by Hellenic Studies.

·Mary Gallagher (University College Dublin): "Hellenic Resonances in the Writings of Lafcadio Hearn." Funded by Hellenic Studies.

·Paul Gavrilyuk (University of St Thomas): "Georges Florovsky’s Account of Christian Hellenism and the Formation of the Modern Eastern Orthodox Identity in the West." Funded by Hellenic Studies.

·Erin Glade (University of Chicago): "'We Are Not Enemies of Culture': Literature, Modernization and the Expansion of American ‘Soft Power’ in Nasser’s Egypt, 1952-1967."

·Erica Heinsen-Roach (University of Miami): "Merchant Diplomacy or Royal Intervention? A comparison between Dutch and Portuguese methods of redeeming slaves in North Africa, 1596-1692.."Funded by the Kenneth R. Maxwell *66, *70 Fund.

·Yu-ling Huang (State University of New York at Binghamton):  "American Demography and Population Policies in Postwar East Asia, 1945-1960s." Funded by the Mudd Library.

·Eric Johnson (Ohio State University): "'Making Mary: Children’s Writing, Maternal Shaping, and the Construction of Childhood in the Mary Chrystie Archive." Funded bythe Cotsen Children's Library.

·Chin Jou (National Institutes of Health):  "Fat and Poor: A History of Obesity, Poverty, and Federal Food Policies ."Funded by the Mudd Library.

·Antje Kley (Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg): "Recognition in Early America ." Funded by the Sid Lapidus '59 Research Fund.

·Brinda Kumar (Cornell University):  "Cultivating Interests in Indian Art: Scholarly and Collecting Practices in the early 20th century." Funded by the Princeton Area Alumni Association.

·Philip Lockley (Oxford University): "An Atlantic Millennium: prophecies, utopias and imagined futures in the nineteenth-century Atlantic world ." Funded by the Barksdale-Dabney-Henry Fund.

·Stavros Martinos (National Technical University of Athens, School of Architecture ): "Stamo Papadaki (1906-1992):  In-between shores." Funded by Hellenic Studies.

·Tara McGowan (University of Pennsylvania):  "The Designs of Kawasaki Ky?sen (1877-1942):  Delineating a Vanishing World through 'Toy Pictures'." Funded by the Cotsen Children's Library and by the Friends of the Library.

·Rebecca Onion(University of Texas, Austin):  "From the Country to the City: Children’s Non-Fiction Science Books and the Naturalization of Technology, 1920-1960." Funded by the Cotsen Children's Library.

·Trysh Travis (University of Florida): "The Other Mandarins: American Bookmen and the Cold War."

·Anne Verplanck(Pennsylvania State University): "The Graphic Arts in Philadelphia, 1780-1880."

·Robert Vilain (University of Bristol): "Delacroix's "Faust": An excess of savage force?" Funded bythe Graphic Arts Collection.

·Jane Wattenberg (Independent scholar):  "SNAP! CLICK! POP! Photography in Children’s Books: A History, The Artists and Their Art." Funded by the Cotsen Children's Library.

·Lei Zhang (Syracuse University): "Water carriers in Beijing, 1900-1938."


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