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Rights and Permissions

Researchers must make a written request for permission to quote or publish manuscripts in the Department of Rare Books and Special Collections, or for one-time permission to reproduce images of any items found in the Department. See "Permission to Reproduce and Broadcast," below. Permission cannot be granted unless the researcher's letter of request clearly identifies the items in question. Indicate holding unit (e.g., Manuscripts Division); collection name, box and folder numbers, if known; name of author or creator; title and date of the item; or any other relevant information. The request letter should clearly identify the forthcoming printed work, electronic publication, or media presentation in which Princeton materials will be quoted, published, or reproduced. In most cases, Princeton University owns only the physical item, not the literary property or copyright, and therefore assumes no responsibility for violations of such rights or for any other legal issues resulting from the use or publication of the items. It is the responsibility of the researcher to secure permission from the appropriate copyright holder to quote, publish, or reproduce items from Princeton collections, and to acknowledge in print that the materials are used or published "with permission of the Princeton University Library."



There are standard fees for the reproduction or broadcast of manuscripts, printed books, prints and drawings, audiovisual resources, and other materials in the Department of Rare Books and Special Collections. In return for a fee paid in advance to the Princeton University Library, permission may be granted to reproduce or broadcast within a period of three years from the date of the permission letter. The Library may request gratis copies of any publication that includes Princeton images. Formal permission must be requested in writing. For information, contact the Department of Rare Books and Special Collections, Princeton University Library, Princeton, New Jersey 08544. Telephone: (609) 258-3184. FAX: (609) 258-2324. Email: rbsc@princeton.edu . For purposes of pricing, the Princeton University Library draws a distinction between commercial and non-commercial uses.


Commercial use includes (but is not limited to) for-profit publications (either printed or electronic); textbooks, trade books, reference books, supplemental course readers, and curriculum materials for K-12; motion pictures, commercial television, and video productions; large-circulation or mass-market magazines; printed or televised advertisements; large-format art books and facsimile editions printed primarily in full color and for international distribution; academic works published in press runs of more than 750 copies; calendars, posters, museum reproductions, postcards, and note cards; and other items made available to a relatively wide audience.

Standard Commercial Fees  [still images]

  • Reproduction on cover, dust jacket, advertisements, etc.: $500 per item
  • Reproduction on an inside page: $100 per item
  • Broadcast: $100 per item

Discounts: Standard fees apply to the reproduction of 1-5 images at one time. Discounts are given for one-time use of multiple images: 20 percent discount for 6-10 images; 40 percent discount for more than 10 images; negotiable for very large orders.

Standard Commercial Fees  [motion images]

  • Motion pictures (commercial, feature length films): $1,000 per 30 seconds
  • Commercial TV (USA & International): $500 per 30 seconds
  • Corporate presentations: $500 per 30 seconds


Non-commercial use includes (but is not limited to) books, exhibition catalogs, and similar works published by libraries, museums, and non-profit organizations; public-television broadcasts; and other items made available in full color though to a relatively limited audience.

Standard Non-commercial Fees  [still images]

  • Reproduction on cover, dust jacket, poster, etc.: $200 per item
  • Reproduction on an inside page: $50 per item
  • Broadcast: $50 per item

Discounts: Standard fees apply to the reproduction of 1-5 images at one time. Discounts are given for one-time use of multiple images: 20 percent discount for 6-10 images; 40 percent discount for more than 10 images; negotiable for very large orders.

Standard Non-commercial Fees  [motion images]

  • Public broadcasting and non-profit education: $250 per 30 seconds

Reproduction fees are routinely waived for the Princeton University community, including current faculty, staff, and students; as well as the Princeton University Press, Art Museum, Index of Christian Art, and other university offices or publications. Fees are also waived for black-and-white reproduction of a few images of textual or visual materials on inside pages of a scholarly journal (either printed or electronic), in an academic monograph published in a press run of fewer than 750 copies, or in a scholarly microform or electronic edition. Reproduction fees in these specific cases will be waived for everyone, whether or not a member of the Princeton University Community. However, even when fees are waived, existing photoduplication charges must be paid in advance, and permission to reproduce images must be requested in writing in order to guarantee that citations are accurate.


Permissions are granted solely for non-exclusive, one-time use per medium. This means photomechanical, electronic, film, and other forms for the reproduction of an image in a specific work, presented in a single edition or medium published in one language, either for commercial or non-commercial (including academic) purposes. Use in a second medium (e.g. revised editions, paperback reprints, foreign-language translations, audiovisual adaptations, web-based applications, or electronic editions in CD-ROM or other formats) will be at the same rate and will require separate application to Princeton for written permission, which may be granted in return for pre-payment of additional fees. Permission for one-time, non-exclusive use in three to six currently existing media (e.g. printed book, e-book, website, DVD, or documentary film) is three times that of a single medium. Please be advised, Princeton does not grant permission for "future media not yet invented" or "exclusive use." Princeton can grant reproduction permission for particular items to be reproduced or broadcast in more than one place at the same time. New reproduction fees will be charged for photographic copies of Princeton images previously obtained from the Princeton University Library for other purposes, or obtained from sources other than the Princeton University Library, or reproduced from Princeton materials reproduced in previously published or broadcast works.


The reproduction must be accompanied by a credit line that will be supplied by the Department of Rare Books and Special Collections. The text of the required statement will vary with the item reproduced and the medium. Specific wording may be required with certain materials. Permission to reproduce is granted by the Princeton University Library as far as its rights extend as owner of the physical object. Credit lines for film, television, and video may be run at the end of the program or presentation. Please bear in mind that in almost all cases the Princeton University Library only owns the physical object and therefore does not assume any responsibility for literary property, copyright, or any other legal issues involved in the publication and reproduction of items in its collections. In the case of both textual and visual materials (including photographs and works of art), it is the responsibility of the user to secure permission from the appropriate copyright holder.


Not all images are available for reproduction because of copyright, access restrictions, and conservation considerations. It is the policy of the Princeton University Library that its images may not be manipulated as to alter their meaning and that their integrity must be retained. Particular Princeton images may not be combined with other images, whether from Princeton or other sources. Images must be reproduced in their entirety. If only details of images are reproduced, this fact must be clearly indicated. Reproduction of Princeton materials from halftones found in print publications will generally not result in satisfactory image quality and is therefore strongly discouraged.

Last revised 4 March 2014

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