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Academic Life & Community Service

One of the recurring themes in our conversations was the desirability of integrating the clubs more fully into the overall life of the University. One way to do this is to expand connections between the clubs and the University’s educational activities and to increase their commitment to community service.

In 1961 the Princeton Tower Foundation, later renamed the Princeton Prospect Foundation, was established for the purpose of raising funds to support study, library and other educational facilities in the clubs; to sponsor lectures, courses and other educational activities in the clubs; and to encourage interchange between club members and members of the faculty and administration. Currently all clubs participate in the foundation. With its help, the clubs have hosted precepts and seminars; have sponsored lectures and discussions by members of the faculty and other guest speakers; have hosted language tables; and have expanded their computer and study facilities. In our view, even more engagement in the academic life of the University would be desirable, and we call upon both the University and the clubs to consider ways to bring more classroom activity and faculty presence into the clubs.

Similarly, the clubs have sponsored and supported a number of community service activities. Being of service to others is a central value of this University and a high priority for many students, and we encourage the clubs to identify additional opportunities for themselves and their members to participate in charitable activities and community service.