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Resource Conservation


Princeton has been a leader in resource conservation for decades. More recently, the University was an early adopter of initiatives such as the policy to use 100 percent recycled paper in 2004 and the aggressive purchase of sustainable food for the past several years. Under the 2008 Sustainability Plan, Princeton has continued excelling in the area of resource conservation by already surpassing goals in the reduction of water usage.

Tree planting
Students and staff joined together to plant a tree on April 30, 2010, in observance of Arbor Day. They planted a large elm near Murray-Dodge Hall to replace one that had been removed.

Primary goals are to reduce the demand for water on campus — in the residence halls, in academic and administrative buildings, and in landscaping. The University also seeks to decrease its production of landfill waste and to increase its use of "green" cleaning products and other environmentally friendly goods and services. Princeton intends to significantly increase the percentage of sustainably produced food items it purchases.

Strategies being used to reach these goals include: