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Next Steps

The working group was asked to engage in conversation and deliberation, and then to bring forward its observations and recommendations regarding (1) the University's goals for undergraduate on-campus social and residential life, and (2) the four specific questions that were posed to us in our charge. We engaged in wide-ranging conversations through the focus groups we conducted and the many thoughtful comments we received on our website. We deliberated at length in our meetings, and in this report we put forth the judgments we reached and the suggestions we are prepared to make. More than anything else, we hope that our report stimulates a lively and informed conversation throughout the Princeton University community — on campus and among alumni — about the important topics we were asked to address.

As a working group, we have no authority to implement the recommendations we have made, so the next steps in enhancing and improving on-campus undergraduate social and residential life at Princeton depend on those students, faculty and staff who have responsibilities in these areas. We hope the work we have done is helpful to them in clarifying issues, providing context, giving voice to those who communicated with us, and generating ideas and suggestions. We now leave it to them to determine which of these ideas and suggestions ought to be pursued, by whom, and at what pace. If we can be helpful in this ongoing conversation, we would be delighted to participate in any ways we can. We are grateful for the opportunity we have had to spend a year thinking about these issues, and we hope that what we have done will, in fact, enable the University to more fully achieve its highest aspirations for on-campus undergraduate social and residential life.