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This website presents a summary of the findings and recommendations of the Steering Committee on Undergraduate Women's Leadership at Princeton University, released in March 2011. The complete 100-page report is available for download.

The material posted here includes some history on the committee's formation, background on coeducation at Princeton, information on common themes that emerged through our work, and recommendations to move Princeton closer to achieving parity of opportunities available to both women and men on campus in areas where such parity may not now exist, and to enhance their capacities to pursue those opportunities.

The full report contains several graphs and tables to illustrate the text. We also are providing here a variety of additional Supplemental Materials we used in our work as resources for those interested in this topic.

The committee hopes that, by making this information widely available, a broad discussion can take place and the original goal and mission of the committee can be realized: a better understanding of women's leadership in academic and extracurricular activities at Princeton; and an expansion of opportunities for students to pursue leadership roles inside and outside the classroom.

We are interested in your feedback. Please take time to fill out the form and provide us with your comments.