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In 2010-11, the Office of Communications worked with the Office of Sustainability and other campus partners to produce articles and videos for the University home page that also were provided to media and used in the Princeton University Bulletin (faculty/staff newspaper), Facebook page and newsletters of academic programs. Here is a collection of those postings:

Peter Smith
Seven Princeton undergraduates spent this summer working with local organizations focused on sustainability as part of an internship program run by the Princeton Environmental Institute. Peter Smith (right), a rising sophomore at Princeton, worked this summer as an intern with D&R Greenway.
Freshman seminar
Students in a freshman seminar on "Science and Technology for a Sustainable Future" toured the University's energy plant with manager Edward Borer (left), who explained the environmental and financial benefits of Princeton's use of a technology known as cogeneration.
Lynn Loo

As part of a series on Princeton inventors, a profile of Lynn Loo, associate professor of chemical and biological engineering, describes her work with conductive plastics for low-cost solar panels and electronics. Commercially available solar panels created using a technique similar to the one developed in Loo's lab could significantly lower the cost of solar cells, and help overcome some of the barriers to their more widespread use.