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Campus Programs

Princeton strives to introduce all campus community members to the principles of sustainability and sustainable solutions through programs that will improve both the physical campus and the development of leadership in sustainability among University community members. The Outdoor Action program and the Office of Sustainability have major initiatives to address this commitment.

Goals & Progress

  1. Goal: Promote sustainable practices among University community members through education and by example.
    • Since 2008, the Office of Sustainability has coordinated the awarding of grants from the High Meadows Foundation for 30 research, education and civic engagement projects.
    • The Office of Sustainability staff has partnered with other offices and groups to organize public events, such as the 2008 sustainability open house attended by 900 members of the campus and local community, and the Northeast Campus Sustainability Consortium meeting, which attracted 150 campus sustainability professionals.
    • A pilot Sustainability Ambassador Program for University staff has been initiated by the Office of Sustainability team.
    • Office of Sustainability staff members are working with the Princeton Sustainability Committee to develop a new process for making policy recommendations to the University administration.
    • Sustainability staff members have worked to improve communication with the University community and the wider public (see Communication section).
    • 686 freshmen (55.3 percent of the class of 2012) participated in the Outdoor Action pre-orientation program, which helps build environmental awareness; 186 student trip leaders were trained in sustainability awareness.
  1. Goal: Establish research apprenticeships and internships for students in the Office of Sustainability.
    • The Office of Sustainability has had 22 undergraduate interns over the past three years, involved in projects including: Garden Project event coordination and publicity; serving as liaisons for interest areas such as campus energy and CO2, dining, landscaping, purchasing, transportation, water, waste minimization and recycling; creating the website and developing the Sustainability Report; working with the UBikes and the Bike Cooperative; participating in the Student Environmental Communication Network; serving as one of the Campus Ecology Representatives (Eco-Reps).

What's Next

  • Continue outreach to engage more of the campus community.
  • Reduce bottled water consumption through Eco-Reps Brita Filter and water bottle distribution in partnership with Facilities' installation of additional bottle refilling stations in key locations.
  • Extend the pilot into a full-fledged Sustainability Ambassador Program to identify, appoint and train campus community members as advocates for sustainability in their home departments and offices.
Jeff Domanski at open house

About 900 people attended the Sept. 17, 2008, sustainability open house in the Frist Campus Center to learn about opportunities from "ambassadors" of administrative offices, student organizations and academic departments. Here, Jeff Domanski, associate manager of the Office of Sustainability and graduate student Intern, helped a student sign up for a project.


Play sustainability curriculum video

View a video on a sustainability curriculum that was made part of Princeton's Outdoor Action curriculum in 2008. Read more about the curriculum.