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Student Initiatives

Recent expansion in the number and reach of environmental student groups has inspired the formation of the Princeton Environmental Network (PEN). Organized by the Office of Sustainability in 2006, PEN strives to minimize redundancy and coordinate across the broad span of environmental topics addressed by Princeton's student leaders and groups.

Goals & Progress

  1. Goal: Support sustainability-related student groups through Office of Sustainability-sponsored PEN meetings to encourage inter-group communication and collaboration.

    Progress: Resulting collaborations include: the 2008 and 2009 Earth Week Celebrations; fall 2008 Sustainability Open House; Pull the Plug campaign; Do it in the Dark campaign; Farmers Market activities and services (bike repair); Class of 2010 CFL Bulb Exchange program; RecycleMania efforts; and draft of first student sustainability survey and pledge.

  2. Goal: Support the development of new groups that complement existing group objectives.

    Progress: There are currently 11 student environmental groups on campus representing a range of sustainability issues both on and off campus that frequently coordinate through PEN. Eight have come into existence since 2004.

What's Next

  • Find ways to achieve greater representation and attain goals shared across student environmental groups through PEN self-assessment.
  • Implement the Undergraduate Student Government campus-wide sustainability survey and pledge.
  • Assess the feasibility of extending the Greening Princeton Farmers Market through the summer.

Ruthie Schwab tending vegetables

Ruthie Schwab, a member of the class of 2009, tended the summer squash in the organic garden students created in summer 2008 north of Forbes College. With help from several University departments and funding from the High Meadows Foundation, the students expanded from the previous year's 12-by-55-foot pilot plot to a 1.5 acre lot filled with a variety of vegetables and herbs.

Guide to Living Green at Princeton

The Guide to Living Green at Princeton was produced by the student group Greening Princeton in partnership with the University’s Office of Sustainability.