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Program Committee

Robert F. Stengel - RIS Program Director
Professor, MAE, 258-5103;
Intelligent control systems, systems biology, aerospace dynamics.

Professor Adriaenssens.png

Sigrid Adriaenssens
Assistant Professor, CEE, 258-4661;

Mechanics, Materials & Structures, Smart and adaptive structures.

Mark Brynildsen

Assistant Professor, CBE, 258-1995;

Applied and Computational Mathematics; Bioengineering.

Professor Cohen

Jonathan Cohen
Professor, PSY, 258-2696;
Cognitive science, neuroscience and neural network modeling.

Professor Cuff

Paul W. Cuff
Assistant Professor, ELE, 258-7946;
Information theory and machine learning.

Professor Harman

Gilbert Harman
Professor, PHI, 258-2823;
Artificial intelligence, philosophy of cognitive science.

Professor Kevrekidis

Yannis Kevrekidis
Professor, CBE, 258-2818;
Nonlinear dynamical systems, chemical and biological processes.

Professor Kornhauser

Alain Kornhauser
Professor, ORFE, 258-4657;
Computer graphics, robotics, transportation system analysis.

Professor Kulkarni

Sanjeev Kulkarni
Professor, ELE, 258-6727;
Machine learning, pattern recognition, statistical inference, information theory, communication theory.

Professor Littman

Michael Littman
Professor, MAE, 258-5198;
History of Automatic Control Systems, Assistive Devices for the Disabled,  Space-based Telescope Design and Control, Lego Mindstorms for K-12 education.

Professor Lyon

Stephen Lyon
Professor, ELE, 258-3500;
Semiconductor devices.

Associate Professor Nosenchuck

Daniel Nosenchuck
Associate Professor, MAE, 258-5136;
Mechanical design.

Professor Osherson

Daniel Osherson
Professor, PSY, 258-1113;
Inductive logic, scalable algorithms, brains, machines, and minds.


Clancy Rowley
Professor, MAE, 258-7321;
Numerical methods in fluid mechanics.

Assistant Professor Rusinkiewicz

Szymon Rusinkiewicz
Professor, COS, 258-7479;
Computer graphics and vision.

Jordan Taylor
Assistant Professor, PSY, 258-4648;
Human motor control, learning, and skill acquisition.