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These documentation pages may contain screenshots and instructions for an older version of Roxen CMS; however, most of the information should still be relevant. The Roxen CMS servers will be shut down September 2019.

Courses Module

The courses module allows you to automatically display courses based on graduate level and subject. Once you set the module, it updates for you.

To add the courses module, edit a page in Roxen. Then click "Insert" and "Courses (beta)." You can add a title and subtitle, and select course level and subject. Additionally, you can choose whether Designation, Description, or Cross Listings are shown.

Once you've configured the Courses Module as you wish, click the green checkmark, then save the page. The courses that you selected will appear on your page.

When To Use The Courses Module

The Courses Module is ideal for departments that need to list all of the courses associated with a particular subject. Where the Courses Module isn't ideal is a when a group on campus needs to list specific classes from multiple disciplines. The module does not get more granular than the subject level, so we recommend using the Roxen Text & Picture Module to list specific classes instead of the Courses Module.