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These documentation pages may contain screenshots and instructions for an older version of Roxen CMS; however, most of the information should still be relevant. The Roxen CMS servers will be shut down September 2019.

Events Module

New to the Events Module? Try our Beginner's Tutorial first.

The Events Module gives you a resource to display on your site what's happening in your organization. It displays events and notices in a calendar and list view, and automatically archives calendar entries.

I Need to Add an Event!

Click on "Add Event" from the first row and fill out the information as appropriate.

But I Don't Have The Correct Department, Category, Repository, Or Location In The Dropdowns

You can edit existing entries for those dropdowns, or you can create new ones! See our Beginner's Tutorial.

Controlling Order of Presentation

By default, if you have a feed of upcoming events, the next upcoming event will show, followed by the chronologically next one after that, etc etc. Once an event has passed, it no longer will show in your events feed.

However, you can control the order of presentation through the use of the "Priority" field. When an event has an assigned priority, it jumps to the front of the list of events. Thus, if you are in March, and your next two events in April do NOT have an assigned priority, but your event in June does, the June event will appear first in the list.

Additionally, Priority is relative, with #1 being the highest priority. For example, consider the following four events: April 10 with no priority, April 18 with a priority of 2, May 1 with no priority, and May 7 with a priority of 1. The events will appear in the following order: May 7, April 18, April 10, and May 1.

Finally, priority has an unlimited set of values, and you are free to to use as many values as you wish. Events with an assigned priority will not show up in your events feed once they have passed.

Adding Top Events to a Page

If you have the Events module installed on your website and want to add events to a particular page, use the following code as a guide.

Step 1 - Edit your page as XML.

Step 2 - Insert the code below between <page-components> in the location on the page in which you want it to appear (use CSS for further positioning).

Step 3 - Change the code for your particular website.

<top-events version="2">
    <display-number> </display-number>
    <path-to-all> </path-to-all>
    <path-to-archive> </path-to-archive>
    <path-to-all-text> </path-to-all-text>

Example with comments:

<top-events version="2">
    <title>Events</title> <!-- This is the heading -->
    <display-number>3</display-number> <!-- The number of upcoming events to display -->
    <category></category> <!-- The category if applicable -->
    <department></department> <!-- The department if applicable -->
    <path-to-all>/wdsdemo/events_archive/</path-to-all> <!-- The path to all your events -->
    <path-to-archive>/wdsdemo/events_archive/</path-to-archive> <!-- The path to your websites archive -->
    <show-location>1</show-location> <!-- 1 means show the location. 0 means do not. -->
    <path-to-all-text>More Events &gt;</path-to-all-text> <!-- The name of your link to all your events-->