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Form with CAPTCHA

This form combines form validation with the CAPTCHA module to frustrate spam bots.

Take a look at the RXML code for this example. You must have a Form: Text component with the RXML Handle “response” (no quotes). Place this after the RXML component with the <emit source='captcha'> code. Then insert a second RXML component, this one with the <captcha-verify> tags.

If you do not want the submitted CAPTCHA text to appear in the submitted email, you should create a Form with Custom Emails.

Please be aware that this CAPTCHA is not accessible, as it does not contain an audio option. You should only use the CAPTCHA verification as a last resort. Alternatively, you can protect your form against spammers by adding a protection point or by making your form a multi-page form with a required field on the first page.

Are you happy?

In the form field below, type the characters that appear in the CAPTCHA image. The CAPTCHA is not case-sensitive.