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These documentation pages may contain screenshots and instructions for an older version of Roxen CMS; however, most of the information should still be relevant. The Roxen CMS servers will be shut down September 2019.

Form with CAPTCHA

This form combines form validation with the CAPTCHA module to frustrate spam bots.

Take a look at the RXML code for this example. You must have a Form: Text component with the RXML Handle “response” (no quotes). Place this after the RXML component with the <emit source='captcha'> code. Then insert a second RXML component, this one with the <captcha-verify> tags.

If you do not want the submitted CAPTCHA text to appear in the submitted email, you should create a Form with Custom Emails.

Please be aware that this CAPTCHA is not accessible, as it does not contain an audio option. You should only use the CAPTCHA verification as a last resort. Alternatively, you can protect your form against spammers by adding a protection point or by making your form a multi-page form with a required field on the first page.

Are you happy?

In the form field below, type the characters that appear in the CAPTCHA image. The CAPTCHA is not case-sensitive.