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These documentation pages may contain screenshots and instructions for an older version of Roxen CMS; however, most of the information should still be relevant. The Roxen CMS servers will be shut down September 2019.

News Module

There are two aspects of the News Module to consider. First is the interface at which allows a user to create new articles and edit existing articles. The second aspect is the News Archive, News Summary, and News Spotlight components within the Roxen page editor interface.

The News Module is not an “installable” module that you can request for your site. Instead, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Request a News Collection*

If you already have news on your site, skip to step #3. If you don't yet have news on your site, email with your department name and list of usernames whom you would like to have access to create and edit your news articles. We will set up a news collection and inform you of your Department Code (short name) that you will need when configuring the components.

*Please note that the Roxen CMS will shut down in September 2019.

Step 2: Place Roxen News Components On Your Site

There are three News Module components for Roxen CMS: News Archive, News Summary, and News Spotlight. Only the News Archive component is required, but many sites use all three.

These components are customizable, in combination with the interface.

For example, a common setup is to have a list of headlines on the home page, a news page with a list of recent article blurbs, and the required news archive page. See below for the steps to create this.

Step 3: Add a New Article

To add a new article, log into with your Princeton username and password. If you are unable to log into the system, contact

After you log in, click on "Login to Admin Interface" again.

Select your department. (If you are a member of only one news collection, then you can skip this step as you will automatically be directed to your department's Overview page.)

From here, click on "Add new article" to create a new article, or select "Articles" in the navigation to view the articles for your department.

Article Fields

Below is a description for each field offered in the article form.

Title The headline of your article
Story The content of your article. You can place images here to show up in your content.
Excerpt The excerpt optionally in the News Summary and News Spotlight components.
Categories Categories are used to group your posts into related themes. For example, many sites use the "Spotlight" category to pull only posts which are tagged as "Spotlight" onto the homepage. For help in setting up a category plan or with discovering your current setup, contact
Featured Image URL This image appears in the News Summary and News Spotlight components. This image will not appear on the content page for your article.
Featured Image Caption The caption for the Featured Image
Featured Video URL Deprecated
Featured Video Closed Caption URL Deprecated
Featured Video Title Deprecated
Publish Status The state of the article in the editing process. Articles with a status of "Published" will appear on your Roxen site. All others will not.
Author The author of the article. Defaults to the person logged into the application.
Keywords Keywords work in the same way as Categories, except that Keywords are custom. Each department can define its own set of keywords
Publish Date Defaults to today. If you would like a story to be published in the future, you can set a future date.
Expiration Date If you would like the article to be removed from the News Summary and News Spotlight components, then set an expiration date. Otherwise, leave this field blank. All published and visible articles will remain on your site in the News Archive component.
Priority The sort order of all articles which meet the criteria outlined in the News Spotlight or News Summary components.
Location Deprecated. Meant to be an AP style location line. Use the Story field instead.
News Source

If you want to link to an external page instead of creating the story through, place the name of the news source here.

News URL If you want to link to an external page instead of creating the story through, place the link to the article here.

Adding Video

The Featured Video fields are deprecated, as they use an older media player that is only compatible with Flash-enabled devices. This excludes most mobile devices.

Also, the “Browse and Upload” button for the Featured Video URL will return an error if the uploaded video is larger than 5 MB.

Instead use a dedicated video hosting service such as YouTube, Vimeo, or the Princeton University-hosted Media Central service. You can toggle the Source button of the Story field and paste the iframe embed code right into the editor. To avoid SSL mixed content warnings, make sure the source URL of the iframe embed is https or protocol-relative.

Protocol relative URL example:

News Spotlight Options

You must set the "DOM ID" in the configuration options for the News Spotlight component. It can just be something simple like "spotlight" if you like.

If you choose the "Side-by-side" variant, you must set an image width and a container width. Otherwise, the text will appear below the image, disappearing outside the slider area. You should also set height values for those unless you are using the Auto Height option (not recommended).

Some of the themes may add extra borders or margins to images and borders to links inside the spotlight area. You should add rules to your custom.css to override these.

Example Component Setup in Roxen CMS

This example takes you through a basic setup of the News Module components.

  • For your main News page, create a blank Insite Editor page at /dept-root/news/
  • Insert a News Summary component
  • You can leave the default settings for most items, including the “Show/Hide” options.
  • Fill in the Path to News Archive. For this example, /dept-root/news/archive/
  • Fill in the Department Code. If you do not know the Department Code (short name) for your news collection, please contact
  • You might want to increase the Limit from its default of 10 articles

Next set up the News Archive page as a subpage of News. The News Archive page does double duty and dynamically serves as the individual article display page.

  • Create a blank Insite Editor page at /dept-root/news/archive/
    Use the same path that you previously used in the “Path to News Archive” field.
  • Insert a News Archive component
  • Fill in the Department Code
  • For now, just leave the default “Show/Hide” options
  • Choose a “Start Date” that is the first of the month for your oldest article
  • Leave “End Date” blank

Optionally, you can edit the navigation menus of each page to create a link from the News page to the News Archive page and vice-versa.

For the last step, create a list of news headlines on the home page.

  • Open your home page in the Insite Editor
  • Insert another instance of the News Summary Component
  • Add a Title
  • Fill in the same Path to News Archive – /dept-root/news/archive/
  • Fill in the Department Code
  • Hide everything.
  • The “Link to view the remaining articles” would be /dept-root/news/
  • You will likely have to add custom CSS so that the list of headlines fits in with the look of your home page.

It is up to you whether you want a link to the News page in the primary navigation, or if you just want to rely on the News Summary's “View all” link.

Improvements or Bugs

If you have an improvement to suggest, or have found a bug, please report it to us. Check the existing tickets before creating a new one by looking at "View Tickets" and choosing "Active Tickets.".