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These documentation pages may contain screenshots and instructions for an older version of Roxen CMS; however, most of the information should still be relevant. The Roxen CMS servers will be shut down September 2019.

People Module

You can use the People Module to display and organize the members of your department or organization. You can add new people, edit current people, and delete members of your organization who no longer work for you.

The information in the People Module comes from two sources: the LDAP server; and the Departments, Areas, Positions, and Categories that you enter. When you add a new person, you will enter their NetID. That NetID will ask the LDAP server for information such as address, phone number, and email address. Whatever information is available on the LDAP server will be show up on the page. However, before you can add new people, you must first add any relevant information for Departments, Areas, Positions, and Categories.

To Add New Content

  1. In the top row of links above your People Module, click "Add (Department/Position/Category/Area)."
  2. Fill out the form as is appropriate. The only required field is "Name."
  3. Repeat as until all of your organization's content is entered into the sytem.

Once all of your content is entered, you are then ready to add new people to the People Module.

Adding A New Person

In the first row of links above your people module, click "Add Person." There are five fields associated with each person: NetID, Area, Field, Position, and Department. Fill out these forms, and click "Add Person." That's it!

But I Don't See The Correct Area, Position, Category, or Department!

Not to worry; you have control over those! If the Area, Position, Category, or Department that you need is missing, click on "Add (Area, Position, Category, Department)" and fill out the form. The only required field is "Name." Once you click the "Add (Area, Position, Category, Department)" button at the bottom of the page, your entry will be available on the "Add Person" page.

What If I Need To Edit An Existing Area, Position, Category, Department, or Person?

Perhaps your organizational structure changes, or perhaps you notice a typo. No worries. In the second row of links above your people module are "All Departments," "All Areas," "All Positions," "All Categories," and "All People."

Any edits that you make in the first four links will show up on the "Add Person" page. Those changes will also show up on your live site as well.

You may also edit or delete existing people in your directory. Click on "All People," find the person whose information you want to edit, and click "Edit." Make any changes that you need to make, and then click "Update."

No NetID? No Problem.

The People module is able to use the netID to automatically fill in some of the personal information fields. However, the module also requires a netID for the URL that allows you to edit the person, view that person's detail page, or delete that person.

If you need to add a person who does not have a Princeton netID, such as a scholar at another institution, go ahead and add the person's email in the netID field. You will not be able to autofill that person's information from LDAP, but you can still manually edit that person's record. Any "fake" netID will work. However, using the email address as the value just ensures the netID field is unique.

You cannot delete a person that does not have a netID. If you accidentally added a person with no netID, edit that person, add a temporary fake netID, and update the person. Then you can delete the erroneous record.

Need to add more information? You're going to need the advanced tutorial.


When I edit the information for a person, I see "Update from LDAP." What does that mean?
When you create a new person, you fill out their NetID. The People Module then asks the LDAP server for any information for that person based on the ID. You can ask the LDAP server for any new information, and you can save that information in the People Module, if you like.
When I upload a new headshot, the image doesn't update! (Or, the image looks grainy!)
The People Module automatically adjust profile headshots to 200px wide. If the headshot that you have is too tall, please crop some of the height off of the image. Also, if you have a small image, it will expand to 200px wide, and that resizing could cause the image to appear grainy.