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Roxen Interactive RXML Help


Update imported information about an identity.

A request is made to all active import modules to query their external sources for new information about the specified user or group. The AC database is updated immediately so that the new information is available in the RXML code further down. If the identity doesn't exist already then it might get added by an import module if a new user with that username was created in the external source. The identity might also be removed if it has ceased to exist in the external source.

Note that some import modules doesn't support this kind of update. In that case nothing happens. The LDAP and AD importers supports it, at least.

This tag doesn't do anything on frontends since imports are disabled there.


identity={string, int}
This attribute is required.

Username or numerical id of user or group to update. A username has to be used if the identity doesn't exist already.