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Roxen Interactive RXML Help


This tag makes it easier to give default values to "<select>" and "<input>" form elements. Simply put the <default> tag around the form elements to which it should give default values.

This tag is particularly useful in combination with generated forms or forms with generated default values, e.g. by database tags.



The value or values to set. If several values are given, they are separated with the separator string.

separator=string (,)

If several values are to be selected, this is the string that separates them.


If used, the default tag will only affect form element with this name.

<default name='my-select' value='&form.preset;'> <select name='my-select'> <option value='1'>First</option> <option value='2'>Second</option> <option value='3'>Third</option> </select> </default>
<form> <default value="&form.opt1;,&form.opt2;,&form.opt3;"> <input name="opt1" value="yes1" type="checkbox" /> Option #1 <input name="opt2" value="yes2" type="checkbox" /> Option #2 <input name="opt3" value="yes3" type="checkbox" /> Option #3 <input type="submit" /> </default> </form>