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Roxen Interactive RXML Help


Adds an HTTP header to the page sent back to the client. For more information about HTTP headers please steer your browser to chapter 14, 'Header field definitions' in RFC 2616, available at Roxen Community.


This attribute is required.

The name of the header.

This attribute is required.

The value of the header.

mode={add, set, auto} (auto)

How to add the header to the response: The value "add" appends another value to the header, after any values it got already (not all response headers allow this). "set" sets the header to the given value, overriding any existing value(s). "auto" uses "add" mode for all headers which are specified to accept multiple values in RFC 2616, and "set" mode for all other headers. "auto" is the default if this attribute is left out.