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Roxen Interactive RXML Help


Sets the expire-time of a cookie to a date that has already occured. This forces the browser to remove it. This tag won't remove the cookie, only set it to the empty string, or what is specified in the value attribute and change it's expire-time to a date that already has occured. This is unfortunutaly the only way as there is no command in HTTP for removing cookies. We have to give a hint to the browser and let it remove the cookie.


This attribute is required.

Name of the cookie the browser should remove.


Even though the cookie has been marked as expired some browsers will not remove the cookie until it is shut down. The text provided with this attribute will be the cookies intermediate value.

Note that removing a cookie won't take effect until the next page load.


Domain of the cookie the browser should remove.

path=string ()

Path of the cookie the browser should remove