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Roxen Interactive RXML Help


The web page author needs to provide the <form> element in which this editor should be placed. The applet's default value will be the XHTML markup used as input to the <sb-html-applet> element, and the result will be stored in a form variable. The output is HTML and XHTML compatible since empty elements are written using a space before the slash (e.g. <br />).

To work correctly the applet must know the name of the surrounding <form> element and the name of the variable where the result should be stored. Moreover, the <form> element requires a JavaScript onSubmit handler which calls the function HTMLAppletSubmit().

<html> <body bgcolor="white"> <if variable="form.ok"> <p>Applet result:</p> <hr /> &form.my_html:none; <hr /> </if> <else> <form name="my_form" method="post" action="&page.url;" onSubmit="HTMLAppletSubmit()"> <sb-html-applet form-name="my_form" form-var="my_html"> <b>HTML</b> <font color="#ff0000">editor</font> <i>sample</i>. </sb-html-applet> <br /> <input type="submit" name="ok" value="Save" /> </form> </else> </body> </html>

The Java/JavaScript bridge needed for this applet is not implemented by all browsers. E.g. MS Internet Explorer on Mac does not support this interface, thereby making the applet incompatible with that browser.



Name of the <form> element where this editor is used. Needed for the embedded JavaScript to work correctly.


The form variable where the result should be stored.


Background color for the applet. Defaults to #eeeeee.


Height of applet edit area in pixels. Defaults to 450.