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20th Annual Woodrow Wilson School Students and Alumni of Color Symposium

Revolution and Reform: Balancing Approaches to Institutional Change

April 9-10 2016


"The burden belongs to the nation, and the hands of none of us are clean if we bend not our energies to righting these great wrongs." 

- W.E.B Du Bois

From grassroots activism to policy analysis, every alumnus, student, and community member plays an important role in envisioning and implementing institutional change. This year, the symposium will explore various ways in which public service leaders engage in institutional change. 

The first day of the symposium will focus on how we define success and cultivate allies to achieve this definition of success. On day two, current students and alumni will break out into an intimate space to discuss the legacy of Woodrow Wilson and ways in which we can create more inclusive higher education institutions.     

What roll will you play in envisioning and implementing institutional change?