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General Information

How much will the SCI computers cost, and what are the configurations?

Model specifications for the 2016-17 SCI year can be found by clicking the Models selection in the menu on the left side of this site. Pricing is available only after logging onto the SCI Store. If you are a member of the incoming freshman class or are an incoming graduate student, a mailing from the Office of Information Technology is sent in early June which includes SCI model specification and pricing details.

I am a newly admitted Princeton Student. How do I log in to the SCI Store and purchase a computer? 

To log in to the SCI Store, you must use the Princeton netID and password given with your OIT information packet that was sent you. If you have that information you may log into the SCI Store at any time. For new students we strongly recommend you wait to purchase a laptop when the SCI store opens for the next academic year.

Can I use the SCI discount with any other discount?

The prices for SCI are specifically negotiated with the vendors for Princeton students and cannot be combined with any other offer (such as Dell coupons or the Apple back-to-school discount or advertised offers).

Apple or Dell is offering a free item with orders, can I get that with my SCI order?

The SCI program is designed to give you a great laptop at a good price that is specially configured with software, networking, and warranty to help you get the most from your studies at Princeton. SCI computers cannot be combined with other offers from our vendors. 

Do you sell printers?

Printers are not part of the SCI program. You are welcome to purchase one on your own, but we recommend you wait to see if you need one. OIT provides quality laser printers for student use in residential colleges and in other locations on campus. 

Will the specific models or prices change over time? 

We will work closely with the vendors to ensure that for the contract pricing, Princeton purchasers are getting the best possible technologies. We expect that the vendors will need to change components or even models over time to keep up with the advance of technology. We work with the vendors to update the SCI models as appropriate. If you have questions about any of the models and recent hardware changes or announcements, please contact the OIT Help Desk at 609-258-4357 or

When will the SCI charges appear on my Student Account bill?

If you selected the Student Account option, you will see the charges for your computer purchase after the University receives notification from the vendor that your computer has been shipped. If you selected the Finance option, you will receive further information during student registration from the Office of Loans and Receivables or the Office of Undergraduate Financial Aid. For more information on Student Account charges, see Student Account on the Payment Options page.