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What software comes with an SCI computer?

All SCI computers come with an impressive suite of software for your academic work and computing needs.  The software suite for each SCI computer model is archived in a computer image, which is a tool all OIT computing support staff have access to to quickly restore your computer to its original operating state, should you ever need it.

Math, science, and engineering majors should consider adding the Math/Science/Engineering sofware suite. 

Core SCI software suite

  • Microsoft Office:  Office 365 ProPlus (Please see Macintosh and WIndows below for details)
  • Mozilla Firefox:  A web browser for browsing the Internet
  • Mozilla Thunderbird:  An e-mail client for managing your academic and personal e-mail
  • Google Chrome: Browser
  • Google Drive: File Storage
  • Adobe Reader: Displays PDF documents
  • Apple iTunes: For listening to music and accessing Apple's online store
  • Shockwave and Flash plug-ins: For playing interactive web content
  • Audacity: Audio editor and recorder (Currently not available for Windows 10)
  • Handbrake: Video Transcoder
  • Inkscape: Professional Vector Graphics Editor
  • MPEG Streamclip: Video converter/editor
  • VLC: Video Player
  • FileZilla: For secure file transfers to and from Unix servers
  • TextWranger: HTML and text Editor

Macintosh software

In addition to the core software suite, Macintosh SCI computers also include:

  • Macintosh OS X 10 El Capitan
  • Office 365: Download at no charge (See
  • Flip4Mac WMV: Import, export, and play Windows Media video
  • Skim: PDF Reader and annotator
  • StuffIt Expander: Opens compressed RAR and ZIP files
  • Inkscape:Professional Vector Graphics Editor
  • MPEG Streamclip: Video converter/editor
  • RealPlayer Cloud

Windows software

In addition to the core software suite, Windows SCI computers also include:

  • Microsoft Windows 10 Education
  • Office 365: Download at no charge (See
  • Microsoft Defender: Built into the Windows 10 OS
  • Aventail SRA: Secure Remote Access
  • MobaXterm: SSH terminal, telnet, RDP, VNC and X11
  • Monticello Fonts

Math/Science/Engineering (MSE) suite

The MSE applications are optional and are available for all SCI models at the time of order.

  • Mathematica: Symbolic manipulation package primarily used by physicists
  • Matlab: A data-manipulation software package that allows data to be analyzed and visualized using existing functions and user-designed programs
  • MikTex (Windows Only): Viewing TeX Files (Scientific Word Processor)
  • Java Development Kit (JDK): Develop Java apps and applets
  • MacTeX (Mac Only): Viewing TeX Files (Scientific Word Processor)
  • R: Provides Statistical and Graphical Techniques

OIT Tech Clinic and Student Technology Consultants

The Office of Information Technology is an authorized warranty repair center for all SCI laptops. The OIT Tech Clinic in the 100 Level of the Frist Campus Center is available to assist any SCI student with questions or issues related to any of the software installed on an SCI laptop. Student Technology Consultants (STC) are trained and hired by OIT and are available for software and network support in the residence halls. (