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What software comes with an SCI computer?

All SCI computers come with an impressive suite of software for your academic work and computing needs.  The antivirus software and the Microsoft products covered under the Campus Agreement include upgrades for the duration of your academic studies at Princeton University. And, as an added convenience, the software suite for each SCI computer model is archived in a computer image, which is a tool all OIT computing support staff have access to to quickly restore your computer to its original operating state, should you ever need it.

Math, science, and engineering majors should consider adding the Math/Science/Engineering sofware suite. 

Core SCI software suite

  • Microsoft Office:  The industry standard with Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc. for documents, spreadsheets, presentations.
  • Endnote:  For publishing and managing the bibliographies for your academic papers
  • Mozilla Firefox:  A web browser for browsing the Internet
  • Mozilla Thunderbird:  An e-mail client for managing your academic and personal e-mail
  • Google Chrome: Browser
  • Google Drive: File Storage
  • Adobe Reader:  Displays PDF documents
  • Apple iTunes:  For listening to music and accessing Apple's online store
  • Quicktime:  Streaming audio and video player for listening to and viewing video and audio files from the Internet
  • Shockwave and Flash plug-ins: For playing interactive web content
  • Audacity: Audio editor and recorder
  • GIMP: Image Manipulation
  • Handbrake: Video Transcoder
  • Skim: PDF reader/editor/notator
  • FileZilla: For secure file transfers to and from Unix servers

Macintosh software

In addition to the core software suite, Macintosh SCI computers also include:

  • Macintosh OS X 10.9
  • Microsoft Office 2011 for OS X
  • iLife '11: Includes iDVD, iMovie, iTunes, Garageband
  • Flip4Mac WMV: Import, export, and play Windows Media video
  • ClamXAV: Anti-virus software
  • TextWranger: HTML and text Editor
  • Skim: PDF Reader and annotator

Windows software

In addition to the core software suite, Windows SCI computers also include:

  • Microsoft Windows 8 Pro
  • Microsoft Office 2013
  • Microsoft Essentials Anti-Virus:  Built into the Windows 8 OS
  • NotePad Plus: Source Code, HTML, and Text Editor
  • Foxit Reader: PDF Reader and Annotator
  • RealPlayer:  Streaming audio and video player for listening to and viewing video and audio files from the Internet

Math/Science/Engineering (MSE) suite

The MSE applications are optional and are available for all SCI models at the time of order.

  • Mathematica: Symbolic manipulation package primarily used by physicists
  • Matlab: A data-manipulation software package that allows data to be analyzed and visualized using existing functions and user-designed programs
  • MikTex (Windows Only): Viewing TeX Files (Scientific Word Processor)
  • S-Plus (Windows Only): Provides Statistical and Graphical Techniques
  • Xming & Xming Fonts (Windows Only): X Windows Server
  • Java Development Kit (JDK): Develop Java apps and applets
  • MacTeX (Mac Only): Viewing TeX Files (Scientific Word Processor)
  • R (Mac Only): Provides Statistical and Graphical Techniques
  • X Windows software is part of the Apple OS

Microsoft software upgrades included

SCI purchasers are covered under the Microsoft Campus Agreement. SCI customers are eligible to receive upgrades to all Microsoft Campus Agreement products for as long as they are actively enrolled at Princeton University. So, when Microsoft has an upgrade on any of the products covered under Campus Agreement, you get the upgrade (only a nominal charge applies to cover the cost of the media on which the upgrades are provided (CD, DVD, etc.) to you.)