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The Princeton Summer Journalism Program Class of 2015

KALEB ANDERSON lives in Atlanta, GA, and attends B.E.S.T Academy High School. He loves journalism because “it challenges societal norms, standards, and cultures.” In school, he serves as the President of the Student Government Association and Battalion Commander of JROTC. Outside of school, he works at VOX Teen Communications as a Board Member. He is also a Peer Educator at the Teen Clinic at Grady Memorial Hospital.

MISBAH AWAN lives in Queens, NY, and is a rising senior at The Young Women's Leadership School of Astoria. She is anxious with the world: quick, always on her feet and constantly moving. She was featured in a short film, "Keep Ya Head Up," about Islamophobia and identity through the youth group at Global Action Project. You can also find her publications on an online magazine called KidSpirit Online!

SHARON BAYANTEMUR lives in Brooklyn, NY, and attends East Side Community High School. She is goalie for the girls varsity soccer team, participates in various mentoring programs, is President of the East Side Entrepreneur Jewelry club, member of the National Honor Society, lead singer in one of her school's rock bands, and a writer for her school's newspaper, The Eastsider. She is interested in journalism because she believes that "words are a powerful tool that can help affect change and bring awareness to issues. Once skilled in the art of shaping words into the right mold, people would be able to express themselves better and affect positive change in society."

RAVE’N DAJON COLEMAN lives in Philadelphia, PA, and attends Greater Hope Christian Academy. She is part of an after-school program named Mighty Writers and is the editor of her school newspaper. She is interested in journalism because she believes “the world needs more honest reporters to tell what is going on in the world we live in today.”

KAMILA CZACHOROWSKI lives in Norridge, IL, and attends Ridgewood High School. She likes journalism because she likes to read and write, gather information, and be social. She tutors kids in her community and volunteers with fellow National Honors Society and Italian National Honors Society students. Her commitment to service earned the Congressional Award Gold Medal. At school, she works in the library and the technology department.

MARSRIANA DATTA lives in Memphis, TN, and attends Fairley High School. She is President of her school, a cheerleader, and involved in many other school organizations. In her free time, she likes to read. She says, “I like journalism because it is a more broad and educational way to cover media topics.”

JADA FITZPATRICK lives in Queens, NY and attends Preparatory Academy for Writers. She is a captain of her school's track team, a member of the volleyball team, as well as a student tutor. She is also a mentee at a writing and mentoring program called Girls Write Now. Jada wants to pursue a career in journalism because journalism “essentially allows you to be the voice for the world. The craft is one which allows you to reveal the truth, and in some instances even make a profound change.”

CHRISTINA GASPAR lives in Oceanside, CA, and attends El Camino High School. She believes that as journalist, “You intricately attempt to explain the reason for why something occurred, though many times your ideas will be refuted, your responsibility is to inform the world despite being judged for saying a truth that others try to conceal.” She is part of the tennis team, leading the Politics and Chemistry clubs, interning at government facilities in her community, and writing for various organizations and online newspapers. She also enjoys singing in choirs outside and inside of school.

ERICA GOLATTE lives in Chicago, IL, and attends the Peace and Education Coalition High School. She enjoys journalism because “you get to express your point of view and opinions with others through your own words. You give readers the chance to visualize your interpretation of something.” In her spare time, she really enjoys writing poetry.

MARLEE KELLY lives in Pine Ridge, SD, and attends to Red Cloud Indian School on the Pine Ridge Reservation. Outside writing, her hobbies include reading, drawing, and singing. As a writer and activist, she says, “Journalism gives me a voice in a Native American community that is underrepresented.”

JULIANA KIM lives in Queens, NY, and attends Benjamin N. Cardozo High School, where she is editor-and-chief of her school's newspaper, The Verdict. She is also an art enthusiast and an astronomy geek. One of Kim's role models, Samantha Power, once said, she pursued journalism "As a means to try to change the world." Kim aspires to do the same by changing the representation of North Korea, away from Kim Jung Un and nuclear threats, and instead, toward the silent hardship of 24 million people.

JASMIN LEE lives in Oakland Gardens, NY, and attends Benjamin N. Cardozo High School. She is a student reporter for The Korea Daily, a member of the National Honor Society, the captain of the golf team, a starter for the fencing team, and will become a fourth-degree black belt in taekwondo. She says, “Journalism allows me to utilize my writing to actually influence and bring a change in society and the people; it gives me a voice and a role to represent those in silence.”

SAMUEL LEE lives in Fullerton, CA, and attends Sunny Hills High School. Although he is interested in fields ranging from politics to business, he is most interested in journalism. He is currently the managing editor for his school's newspaper, The Accolade. "I've always thought of journalism as an onion because to uncover the truth, you really have to start peeling away at the layers," he says. "Although it isn't easy to peel away at the onion, and you might even cry in the process, reaching that core truth is just so rewarding.”

CINTHIA LEON lives in Albuquerque, NM, and attends Atrisco Heritage Academy High School. She likes journalism because “not only does it enable us to learn about our world and everything going on in i, but it also gives each individual the opportunity to learn about himself/herself.” She is part of various clubs in school and tries to help others as much as she can by doing community service. She loves spending time with her family, appreciates the arts and music and constantly wants to learn more about the world surrounding her and the people in it.

ADRIAN MENESES lives in Compton, CA, and attends Compton High School. He developed a passion for journalism because he says, “News coverage is far too politicised, and the American public should have access to straightforward, unbiased news.” His favorite hobbies in school are training for the cross-country team and preparing arguments for my debate team. His ultimate goal is to obtain a powerful position as a White House advisor, where he will to reach out to the economically disadvantaged and underrepresented classes in American society.

TRISTA MERRIVAL lives in Pine Ridge, SD, and is part of the Oglala Sioux Tribe. She is a student athlete who works hard on the court with volleyball and basketball, but even more diligently in the classroom. Her interest in journalism comes along with her love for reading and writing and the exciting stories that are connected.

JOCELYN MOLINA lives in Roma, TX, and attends Roma High School. She anchors for her district's television station, is editor-in-chief and co-founder of her school's newspaper, loves talking politics, and has a passion for art, makeup, and fashion on the side. She is interested in journalism because she truly believes the media is what connects the world together no matter the culture or experience. Coming from a small, homogenous town, the media has offered her the same opportunity to become more cultured, knowledgeable, and tolerant towards different people and perspectives as someone living in a diverse metropolis.

ADDIE MORTON lives in Knoxville, TN, and attends Central High School. She is an editor of her school's newspaper, The Bobcat Times, President of Key Club, and Secretary of Beta Club. She is also involved in volleyball, track, National Honors Society, and Academic Team. During her free time she enjoys playing the piano and volunteering at the Humane Society of the Tennessee Valley. She is interested in pursuing a career in journalism because she "wishes to inform, inspire, and entertain the public."

VAYNE ONG lives in Edison, NJ, and attends John P. Stevens High School. She is the editor-in-chief of her school's newspaper, The Hawkeye, and a member of Odyssey of the Mind, a creative problem-solving competition. She wants to pursue  journalism because she believes that "beautiful, concise, truthful storytelling inspires in all of us the compassion and understanding to enact change, cooperate with each other, and better ourselves."

KATHERINE POWELL lives in Chicago, IL, and attends Whitney M. Young Magnet High School. She plays the violin and is an editor on the Yearbook staff. She dances modern, jazz, and ballet. She says, “I love journalism because of the ability to share others' stories and inform people of problems in the world, and (hopefully) their solutions.”

JEANNIE REGIDOR lives in Miami, FL, and attends G. Holmes Braddock Sr. High School. She is a Questbridge College Prep Scholar, President of the National Art Honor Society, Vice-President of Future Business Leaders of America as well as Mu Alpha Theta, and has tutored students from underprivileged areas of Miami-Dade County. She is interested in pursuing a career in journalism because, "The ability to inform others and be informed is the greatest job one could have. It fulfills the purpose of making sure that ignorance does not shape one's beliefs."

DORIS RODRIGUEZ lives in Miami, FL, and attends Miami Jackson Senior High School . She is the captain of the wrestling team, a debate team member and a Miami Dade County Youth Commissioner. She is interested in journalism so she can “uncover the truth that is buried under layers of political and corporate alliances to the public”

SHIWANDA SHEARD lives in West Helena, AR, where she attends Central High School. At Central, she was named an Arkansas Scholar, is the Secretary of Student Council, and participates in band as well as the volleyball team. Journalism has given her “the chance to give the world facts not only about society and sports, but about life.”

CALEB TURNER lives in Houston, TX, and attends Eastwood Academy Charter High School. He is also the Treasurer of Eastwood's National Honor Society, active in the Class of 2016's Class Officers, Eastwood Academy's Debate Team, and enjoys creative writing and theater on the side. His interest in journalism stems from the underrepresentation of his local community and the vast amount of stories that go untold in this world.