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Software for Faculty and Staff

There are many software products available to Princeton University faculty and staff. Some products are licensed for use on institutionally-owned computers only; some of those may include Work at Home (WAH) rights.  Work at Home rights allow faculty and staff to install a work-licensed product on a personally-owned home computer for the purpose of working at home, if the software is installed on their office (University-owned) computer.  This does not mean shared computers or lab systems.  The computer has to be designated to one user and only that user can request WAH software.  The purchase of software for an institutionally-owned computer is always made with a chart string.

Several vendors also offer personal purchase programs that allow faculty and staff to buy software for personal use at deeply discounted prices.  These purchases are made either by student accounts, check, cash and credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Diner's and Discover).

Like students, faculty and staff may also access the freeware products that are installed on OIT cluster computers.