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ADOBE - Change in Licensing Model

In 2012, Adobe made a significant change to their licensing model. They announced that they are moving to a cloud-based subscription model for software distribution -- with a new offering called the Creative Cloud. Adobe is phasing out the sale of perpetual licenses and is providing upgraded products only through subscription. On May 6, 2013 Adobe announced that CS6 would be the last version of the Creative Suite, and that future versions of the creative software would only be available via their Creative Cloud subscription service.

Princeton's current volume purchase license is valid through April 30, 2014. Under this agreement we are able to purchase Adobe products. However, we are unable to purchase upgrade plans for the Creative Suite products; the purchase of any CS6 license under the current agreement is "dead end". Adobe continues to provide upgrades for only a few products under our current agreement, including Acrobat and Captivate.

Princeton Task Force

A task force was created at Princeton to suggest how Princeton might best respond to this licensing change. We would like to determine the demand for CC: will all current users of creative products transition to the CC, or will some users find the CC is not worth the cost? Does demand for the software make an Enterprise Agreement a cost effection solution, or is the individual purchase of subscriptions more economical for the University?

To that end, the task force created a survey to try to determine how many are using Adobe software currently, how many will need to continue, and the price points that they find reasonable. If you have not yet taken the survey, you may do so at: It will be available through December 6.

Enterprise Agreement

Adobe is encouraging higher education institutions to purchase Enterprise Agreements. The Enterprise Agreement requires licensing of full FTE and is quite expensive. We are hopeful that the survey will shed light on the value proposition of an Enterprise Agreement.

DeSC and Concurrent Licensing

Concurrent licensing is no longer available from Adobe. Some princeton departments own concurrent licenses, purchased under our "old" agreement. Departments may use the concurrent licenses they own -- until they upgrade or until such time as Adobe changes our current agreement (expiring in 2014).

DeSC will no longer install or upgrade Adobe products.

When our current agreement expires in April 2014, it is unclear at this time if it will be renewed or if Adobe will offer a different agreement.

Acrobat Pro

Acrobat Pro is one product that we can continue to purchase under our current agreement. Acrobat Pro is included in Creative Cloud, but it is also still sold as a license, with or without maintenance.

CS6 is the Last "Creative Suite"

CS6 is the last version of Creative Suite Products. Any upgraded version of creative software is available only through the Creative Cloud (CC) subscription service. The CC software will not have version numbers. The software will continuously be upgraded, and the upgrades will be available to the CC subscribers whenever it is announced.

Products included in the Creative Cloud:

Photoshop CC Acrobat XI Pro InCopy CC
Illustrator CC Adobe Audition CC Lightroom
InDesign CC Bridge CC Media Encoder CC
Dreamweaver CC Encore Prelude CC
After Effects CC Fireworks SpeedGrade CC
Adobe Premiere Pro CC Flash Builder Premium  
Adobe Muse CC Flash Professional CC  


Current License Information

License Term:


License Type: Volume licenses
Operating Systems:     

Windows XP/Vista/7
Mac OS X

Institutional Computers Eligibility: All faculty/staff institutional machines eligible
Institutional Computers Fee: Yes. A license must be purchased for each computer.
Personal Computers Eligibility:

N/A  -  Adobe discontinued their Student Licensing Program.  All purchases are with Adobe directly under Creative Cloud.  There is a special student/teacher cost of $19.99 per month for one year. This will expire on June 26 at which time the cost will go up.

Personal Computers Fee: N/A

Work at Home (WAH) Rights:

Yes, faculty and staff may install each licensed product installed on their Princeton-owned computer on one home (personally-owned) computer. Adobe does not restrict how the software is to be used.  When employment ends, the software must be removed.

EXCEPTION: DeSC licenses do not apply. Home Use Rights apply only to individual licenses and do not extend to concurrent  licenses that are not machine specific.  Lab and cluster computers also do not apply.

How to Obtain:


Products Available for Departmental Purchase (partial list)

Acrobat X1 Pro Dreamweaver CS6 Photoshop Elements 11
After Effects CS6 FireWorks CS6 Photoshop Extended CS6
Captivate 7 Flash Pro CS6 Premiere Pro CS6
Contribute 6.5 FrameMaker 11  
CS6 Design & Web Premium Illustrator CS6  
CS6 Design Standard InCopy CS6  
CS6 Master Collection InDesign CS6  

Maintenance is an additional cost to the license, that gives you free license upgrades to new versions within a specific period of time.  For departmental purchases of single  licenses, maintenance is optional.   The cost of maintenance is prorated according to when the product is purchased in a two-year contract period.   Maintenance must be purchased when the product is purchased.

Adobe just recently discontinued maintenance for their CS6 products and all maintenance will be ending soon.  Adobe will honor the maintenance licenses previously purchased through April 30, 2014.

CS6 Institutional Installations

Beginning with CS6 and all future upgrades of non CS6 products, Adobe no longer allows us to deploy the software by DVD and serial number.  Rather, we will provide the software as a 30-day trial download and supply a serializer to those who purchase a license.   Once a license is purchased, you can download the software at \\files\software\adobe\cs6.  The OIT Store will send installation instructions and the serializer. 

This applies to institutional purchases and not personal.  Students cannot be authenticated to download the software so Adobe licenses cannot be purchased by them.

Products available under Student Licensing Program

Adobe discontinued their Student Licensing Program and all software is purchased through the Creative Cloud.   Students, faculty and staff who purchased products under the old Student Licensing Program may continue to use the software upon graduation and end of employment.