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Environmental Systems Research Institute (Esri)

License Information

License Term:

Renews Annually Every September   

License Type:


Operating Systems:     


Institutional Computers Eligibility:

Faculty, Staff and Students may install on institutional machines

Institutional Computers Fee:


Personal Computers Eligibility: Faculty, Staff and Students may install on personal computers for educational uses
Personal Computers Fee: No


Please Note: Change in specifying the network license manager for ArcGIS as of 8/20/2013

Specifying the license manager for ArcGIS now requires that port 28000 also be specified.  Administrative access is required to change the name of the network license server stored in the personal computer.  In ArcGIS 10.x, go to the ArcGIS Administrator in the ArcGIS folder, and click on the Desktop folder in the window that opens.  Set the software product to ArcInfo (Concurrent use) and press the Change button to change the license manager to Press Apply and OK to make the change.

How to Install the Software

ArcGIS Desktop 10.3.1

Mount the \\files\licensed\Products\ArcGIS directory (you will need to supply "PRINCETON\", your NetID and your password to mount the directory) . Then open the 10_3_1 directory. Installation instructions can be found at Installing Desktop 10.3.1.

Additional Information

It is highly recommended that you install the latest version of ArcGIS Desktop software.

You will need a computer with high-quality graphics to get the best performance from this software.