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License Information

License Term:

The Maple site license expires on February 26, 2015 and will not be renewed

License Type: Volume
Operating Systems:     

Windows XP/Vista/7
Mac OS X

Institutional Computers Eligibility: All faculty/staff institutional machines eligible
Institutional Computers Fee:


Personal Computers Eligibility:

Not available for personal computers (except for WAH rights)

Personal Computers Fee:  N/A

Work at Home (WAH) Rights:

Yes, if a Maple license is purchased for a faculty or staff member's office computer, he or she can install on one personally-owned computer

How to Obtain License:  

Students can purchase Maple at $75.00 through the Maplesoft Adoptoin Program.  Contact the OIT Store at 8-9160 for an Adoption Code.   For more information, visit

To access from the Unix clusters: