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2009a release

Network Installation for Windows XP/Vista Computers


  1. Browse to: \\\licensed\Products\Matlab\R2009a\MSWindows\ 
    • You can go directly to the installation by copying the above line into the clipboard by highlighting it and right-clicking on the highlighted text, then selecting Copy.
  2. Click on the Start menu in the lower left hand corner of your desktop. Click on "Network" (Vista) or "My Network Places" (Windows XP).
  3. Click in the address field at the top of the Network or My Network Places window, delete the contents, and paste the network path from the clipboard by right-clicking in the address field and choosing Paste. Press return.
  4. If you aren't already logged in with your Princeton account, you may be asked to log in at this point:
    • Connect As: PRINCETON\netID (Replace netID with your Princeton NetID)
    • Password: (Your Windows password)


  1. If you are running MS Vista:
    1. Right-click on the InstallMatlabR2009a32 icon if you have a 32-bit system, or on the InstallMatlabR2009a64 icon if you have a 64-bit system.
    2. Select "Run as Administrator" from the drop-down list.
  2. If you are running XP or earlier:
    1. Double-click on InstallMatlabR2009a32.EXE if you have a 32-bit system, or on InstallMatlabR2009a64.EXE if you have a 64-bit system.
  3. You will be presented with an Activation Key that is needed later in the installation process. Please make a note of this Activation Key, or copy it into the clipboard. You must activate Matlab R2009a to use it.
  4. Press any key to continue.
  5. Windows will warn that the command is an unverified program. Click "Run" to allow the installer to continue.
  6. The Matlab installation will begin to run. The install is an unattended installation and does not require  any input from the user.
  7. Once the installation is complete, the Matlab activation utility will start.
  8. Choose "Activate automatically using the Internet" , and click on Next.
  9. Log in to your Mathworks account by entering your Princeton University email address and your MathWorks password, and clicking on Next
    NOTE: If you do not have one, you will be given the opportunity to create a MathWorks account at this point.  A MathWorks account is REQUIRED to use Matlab.  You must use your netid@Princeton.EDU email address as your MathWorks email address. Please do NOT use your LDAP or Windows University password as your MathWorks password.
    NOTE: If you are a student and previously created an account with MathWorks for the student version of MatLab, you will need to contact their Technical Support at 508-647-7000, before installing R2009a. They need to manually change your profile from "student" to "academic".
  10. Select "Enter an Activation Key for a license not listed:", and type or paste in the Activation Key presented at the start of the installation, and click on Next.
  11. Click on Activate to send your activation to Mathworks and download your license file.
  12. Click Finish to complete activation, and optionally start up Matlab.
  13. You may start Matlab anytime by clicking on the desktop shortcut, or selecting it from the Start menu, under Start->MATLAB->R2009a->Matlab R2009a .


Updating the license file for R2009a, R2008b and R2008a:

  • Start Matlab as described in Step 13 above.
  • Click on Help->Licensing->Update Current License
  • Press the "Update Now" button.

The license will be automatically updated by Matlab communicating with the Mathwork site. Make sure you restart Matlab after this process is done.


  • Choose the Control Panel menu from the Start Menu
  • Choose the "Programs and Features" (Vista) or Add or Remove Programs (XP) icon on the Control Panel 
  • Select the version of Matlab you wish to uninstall, and click on "Uninstall/Change" (Vista) or Change/Remove (XP)
  •  Uninstall Matlab and all toolboxes
  • Click 'Finish' when uninstallation is complete.