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Run MATLAB from Nobel Cluster for OS X Computers


No VPN connection is required for off campus use. This can be used as alternative to installing a local license. Depending on your location, the interface may take several minutes to launch. By default all work gets saved to your H drive.

  1. Confirm your Unix account is enabled. See Solution 5216
  2. Download and Install the latest version of XQuartz
  3. Launch XQuartz from /Applications/Utilities
  4. From the X11 menu bar, select Applications and click Terminal or type Command+N.
  5. Run the following commands in Terminal to connect to the Research Computing Nobel Cluster.
  • Type ssh -Y
  • Type yes when prompted to save an RSA key. (this is the secure encryption key for the communication between your computer and the Princeton server).
  • Type your Princeton password when prompted
  • Run MATLAB by typing matlab
To quit MATLAB type exit at the MATLAB command prompt.
To close connection to Nobel type exit at the X11 command prompt.
To quit X11 hold down Command+Q keys or select Quit X11 from X11 menu bar.