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Microsoft Products

Microsoft Corporation

License Information

License Term:


License Types: Site license (Campus Agreement /Student Campus Agreement)
Institutional Select
Operating Systems:     

Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Mac OS X

Institutional Computers Eligibility: All faculty/staff institutional machines are eligible under Campus Agreement and Institutional Select.
Institutional Computers Fee: Varied
Personal Computers Eligibility:

As of September 2014, all students will be eligible to download Office 365 at no cost. More information and download instructions to follow.

Microsoft discontinued their Student Select Agreement.  That agreement was for non-SCI students, faculty and staff for personal purchses.  

Faculty and staff can purchase MS Office 365 from Microsoft directly.  It is a four-year subscription at a cost of $79.99:

Only a full version copy of the Windows 8.1 Pro operating system is available.  Our cost might be somewhat higher than what you might find elsewhere but we will offer it in the OIT Online Store for customer convenience.
SCI (Student Computer Initiative) computer purchasers from July 2006 to present are licensed under Student Campus Agreement.  The Campus Agreement products are licensed for Princeton student use on SCI computers only.  The cost of the installation media is $10.00.  Students may not give, loan or transfer the licenses to another to use the software and may not transfer the software to a non-SCI computer.

Software purchased under the old Student Select and current Student Campus Agreemenst must be uninstalled if the computer is transferred to another.

Personal Computers Fee:

Media fee only for SCI student purchasers beginning in 2006-07 for products/upgrades covered under Campus Agreement.

Media and license fee for all other purchasers.

Work at Home (WAH) Rights:

Faculty and staff who use products covered by Campus Agreeement at work on their Princeton-owned computer (including DeSC), may install those products on one home computer (personally owned) – for the purpose of doing work at home only. Users are not licensed to use the software for personal purposes at all. Faculty and staff must purchase the appropriate work at home media in The OIT Online Store or go to the Tech Clinic at 112 Frist Campus Center for installation at no charge, with the exception of Office Pro+ 2010 and 2013 and the Windows operating systems, and must also sign the Home Use Rights (Campus Agreement) form (PDF).  They cannot have someone purchase the media for them under another name and cannot have someone else pick up the software for them. 

How to obtain Work at Home (WAH) Rights Form:

Home Use Rights (Campus Agreement) form (PDF)

How to Obtain:

Go to to purchase the installation media.  Some of the software applications can also be downloaded at \\files\src. Office 2010 and  2013 and Windows 7 and 8 CANNOT BE DOWNLOADED TO PERSONALLY-OWNED  COMPUTERS.  THAT IS IN VIOLATION OF OUR LICENSE TERMS. ELIGIBLE FACULTY AND STAFF MUST PURCHASE THE WAH MEDIA WITH ITS OWN UNIQUE PRODUCT KEY FROM THE OIT ONLINE STORE.  The Home Use Rights (Campus Agreement) form (PDF) must be completed and returned to the OIT Store, 113 Frist Campus Center.