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SAS For Windows

License Information

License Term:

Renews Annually on July 1

License Type: Site
Operating Systems:     

Windows 7 Pro/8/10/Linux

Institutional Computers Eligibility: All faculty/staff institutional machines eligible
Institutional Computers Fee:


Personal Computers Eligibility:

Faculty and staff who purchase a license for their institutionally-owned computer can install SAS on one personally-owned computer for WAH (work at home) rights.  Students can install SAS on one PERSONALLY-OWNED computer at no cost.
Media is loaned by the OIT Store and must be returned the same day. Please contact

Personal Computers Fee: No

How to Purchase a License:

Additional Notes

The purchase of a license allows you to install on one desktop and one laptop as long as they are both owned by the University, they are for the same user, and only one instance of SAS will be running at the same time.