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Installing TecPlot 360 2009

Network Installation Instructions

Mac OS X Computers

You must have X11 server installed to use TecPlot 360 on Mac OS X

  1. Highlight and copy the following line into the clipboard:
    (Select Copy from the Edit menu to copy the selected text into the clipboard.).
  2. Return to the Finder by selecting the Finder icon in the Dock or by clicking anywhere on the desktop.
  3. Select Connect to Server from the Go menu.
  4. Paste the clipboard contents into the "Server Address" field, and press return. (To paste, select Paste from the Edit menu.)
  5. Click Connect.
  6. Log on with:
    • Workgroup/Domain: PRINCETON
    • Username: <Your Princeton NetID>
    • Password: <Your Princeton password>
    (The Princeton NetID and Password are what you'd use to log into the Princeton Windows domain. If you aren't sure what your Windows Domain password is, you can reset it through the OIT Help Desk.)
  7. You will be presented with a network folder called MacOSX containing two icons: Intel and PowerPC, and a file called Princeton_README.
  8. Open Princeton_README using TextExit:
    1. Highlight Princeton_README by clicking it once.
    2. From the File menu, select Open With, and then select TextEdit. If TextEdit isn't one of the options available under Open With, select Other... and then select TextEdit in the Applications folder.
  9. Copy the License Number into the clipboard: drag the mouse across the License Number, and then select Copy.
  10. Return to the MacOSX window on the desktop
  11. Drag the Tec360_2009Univ.dmg icon to your desktop.  The installer will not run off a network volume.
  12. Click on the Tec360_2009Univ.dmg icon now on your desktop.
  13. The TecPlot installation will begin to run.
  14. Accept all the installer's default options, and type in your password when requested. TecPlot 360 will automatically be installed in your Applications folder.
  15. After the installation completes, an application called LicenseSetup will automatically start.
  16. Choose "Purchased" from the LicenseSetup window, paste or type in the License Number you copied to the clipboard, and click Continue.
  17. Select "Network or Site" and click Continue.
  18. Enter "" as the "RLM license server machine", and click OK.
  19. Click Quit.
  20. Click on Close. The installer is now finished, and TecPlot 360 is now configured to use the network license server.
  21. Disconnect the server smb:// .
  22. Start TecPlot 360 by double-clicking the "TecPlot 360 2009" icon in the Tec360_2009 folder within the Applications folder.