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Installing TecPlot 360 2009

Network Installation Instructions

Linux Computers

  • su to root.
    % su
  • Make a directory for mounting the distribution
    # mkdir -p /mnt/licensed.dist
  •  Mount the distribution with SMB:
    # mount -t smbfs -o username=PRINCETON\\<netID>  //  /mnt/licensed.dist
    • All one line, no line breaks
    • Replace <netID> with your Princeton netID
    • You will be prompted for a password.  Please enter your Princeton Windows password.
    • If the command does not work, you might not have SMB mount support installed.
    • NOTE: As of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 and Fedora releases, use 'cifs' instead of 'smbfs' as the -t parameter above.
  • cd  /mnt/licensed.dist/Products/TecPlot/TecPlot360_2009/linux
  • Open Princeton_README and save the license number for use later in the installation.
  • Run the TecPlot installation
    # ./setup
  • Press enter to install Tecplot.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to accept the software license agreement.
  • Press enter to install your platform-specific version. Change the option if necessary.
  • Press enter to specify a network license.
  • Specify the absolute path of the Tecplot home directory (e.g., /usr/local/tecplot2008). NOTE: If you specify a path that is not listed in your PATH environmental variable, you will need to add it (e.g., /usr/local/tecplot2009/bin).
  • The product will now be installed.
  • Press enter to indicate that you wish to enter the license number.
  • Specify the license number acquired above, and press enter.
  • Press enter to indicate that you wish to enter the host machine name.
  • Enter "" and press enter to continue.
  • Installation is complete.
  • Unmount the distribution with:
    # umount /mnt/license.dist
  • Exit su and rebuild your executable hash
    # exit
    % rehash (if you use csh)
  • Test Tecplot by running the 'tecplot' executable: e.g.,
  • % /usr/local/tecplot2009/bin/tec360


  • Make sure you have an SMB client on your system.  Some linux distributions don't automatically install the SMB client, so you may need to install it before being able to mount SMB volumes.  Check to make sure you have mount.smbfs or smbmount programs if you have problems installing Tecplot on linux.