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Installing TecPlot 360 2015

Network Installation Instructions

Windows 7 Computers

  1. Map the following location as the X: drive: \\\licensed\Products\TecPlot\TecPlot360_EX_2015_R2\MSWindows 
    • Click the Start button, right click on Computer and select Map network drive
    • Paste the above path into Folder text field, check Connect using different credentials and click Finish
    • When prompted to Enter Network Password authenticate as yourself with “Princeton\” in front of your netid. ie “Princeton\netid” and enter your password. Click OK
  2. Double click the appropriate file
    • tecplot360ex_win64 (for 64-bit Windows)
    • tecplot360ex_win32 (for 32-bit Windows)
  3. If you get a security warning, click yes to allow the installer to start. 
  4. An installer window will guide you through the process.  Click Next to start the install.
  5. Accept the license agreement and click I Agree.
  6. Add Tecplot 360 EX to the system path for all users and click Next.
  7. Use the default installation directory and click Next.
  8. Use the default start menu folder.  Click Install to complete installation.
  9. Click Finish when the installation is complete.
  10. Start TecPlot 360 by clicking on Start->All Programs->Tecplot 360 EX 2015 R2->Tecplot 360 EX 2015 R2.
  11. You will be prompted to enter information about the licensing (this is only required the first time starting Tecplot)
    • Ensure the Network license radio button is selected
    • In the "License server name" field enter:
    • In the "Port number" field enter: 5053
    • Click OK to finish