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Graduate Information

Financial Assistance

Financial support comes in the form of research grants, fellowships of varying stipend levels and assistantships in instruction.

Scholarly Travel

The Fulton McMahon Research Fund, established by Alfred Foulet, Graduate School Class of 1927, in honor of Fulton McMahon, Class of 1884, provides funding for scholarly travel to graduate students in good standing.  Students may apply for a grant using the following form: 

Requests for funds totaling up to $750 per year for Pre-Generals students, and up to $1,500 per year for Post-Generals students will be available for travel, lodging, and registration expenses incurred while participating in a conference or in connection with research travel. (These funds will not, however, roll over from one year to the next.)

Up to $750 will be available on a one-time basis for students to travel to the Modern Language Association Convention in connection with a job search.

Please submit your receipts within 60 days of your return date.

Fellowships and Stipends

The department also enjoys the exclusive disposition of funds allocated specifically to graduate fellowships and stipend increments. Among these may be counted the Behrman, Bergen, Boudinot, Green and Schultz fellowships, awarded to graduate students who demonstrate outstanding scholarly promise. The Edward C. Armstong Fund, established in perpetuity by Alfred Foulet, Class of 1927, through a generous testamentary bequest made at his death in 1987, in memory of his Princeton teacher and colleague, provides for fellowship stipends and increments, as well as grants for thesis research and summer study projects both abroad and at Princeton to students in good standing.