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Language Tables

Spring 2014

language tables

Monday 6pm: Mathey College
Contact: David Abugaber or Katrina Bushko

Tuesday 12pm: Chancellor Green Café
Contact: Sissi Pinto

Wednesday 6pm: Butler College
Contact: Professors Megwen Loveless or Luis Goncalves

Spanish language tables

Monday 6pm: Mathey College
Contact: Professor Sylvia Zetterstrand

Wednesday 6pm: Rockefeller College
Contact: Christine Smith and Cathy Chen
Wednesday 6pm: Butler College
Contact: Kate Wadman and Kamini Persaud

Thursday 6pm: Forbes College
Contact: Meixi Wang

Friday 7pm: Wilson College
Contact: Jackie Nicholas and Amanda Chang

Advanced Spanish conversation table (Tertulia Lingüística)

Every other Thursday 6 p.m.: Mathey College
Contact: Professor Catalina Méndez Vallejo

Join a language table for good conversation, friendly people, and practice speaking in an informal setting.